IAAPA 2000: Hersheypark awarded Applause for excellence

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Amusement Business presented Hersheypark with the Applause Award for Excellence yesterday. Hersheypark was among the finalists that included Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Parc Asterix.

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I second the award. I think HP is even better than CP. It's clean with a good variety of coasters and flat rides. Lightning Racer is brilliant. And it's only an hour-an-a-half from my house!
I think Hershey definentley deserves this. I think it's almost as good as cedar point and is an awesome park!
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I really need to get out there!
The only problem with Hershey Park is that, they don't close the gates. I was there on a concert day this year it people poured in all day. The park was so crowded that we acctually had to wait to move from one section to another. But other than that it was one of the best parks I have ever been to in my life.

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Save Idora Park
A well deserved award for a classy operation. Congradulations Hershey Park!
cant we say that we all love living here in the good ol' u.s. of a? way to go herseypark!!

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Six Flags should take a clue about park operations from HersheyPark. When you go to HP on a normal operating day, most, if not all, of the rides are operating. They are usually only closed if they are down due to maintenance. Way to go, HersheyPark, one of my favorite parks!


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Not many parks can give Cedar Point a run for their money, but Hersheypark would certainly have to be one of them. Having grown up this place, I'm probably a little bias, but there is no doubt that the sweetest park on earth, is just that.
Im going to Cedar Point this summer so I cant compare them with Cedar Point. I went to Hershey once this summer and it was great. I was amazed with great bear but disapointed because Cup Twister and Joy Ride were not running. I also never got to ride Sidewinder because it broke down later that day. Wild Mouse and the thunder side of Lightning Racer had way to long lines to wait but the lightning side was excellent. It was also raining that day but I still had a great time. I still think great adventure is better but great bear is my second favorite coaster.Im happy that they recieved the award.

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