IAAPA 2000: B&M trains see new features, one appears to be for Great Adventure

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A spring-loaded cable on the new B&M hyper-coaster train, showing at IAAPA, will allow larger guests to be secured in their seats. This photo shows the link between the seat and the "clam shell" lap bar.

The train is suspiciously colored the same as the track appearing at Six Flags Great Adventure.

Meanwhile, the new train for Silver Dollar City's new looper shares more similarities with the hyper train than its nearest cousin from Busch Gardens Tampa's Kumba. The floor is flush-mounted with the floor without the short sides and front to the car, which will likely make for faster loading.

See more photos from the B&M booth in the IAAPA photo gallery.

I just hope that the first drop on whatever this ride is called won't be 211ft. Great Adventure should attempt to compete with Magic Mountain and make this at least 10 feet higher than Goliath.
Why? B&M did a great job with thier other 2 hypers (RB & AC) so they dont need to exceed Goliaths height to be a great ride.
Why keep re-doing a ride just because it's successful? This is the same problem with the Batman: The Ride rollercoasters
Batman:TR are clones of eachother. RB & AC are completely different rides. Height on a ride does not make them the same.
My post is actually directly related to the subject. Imagine that. If this is for larger passengers as it appears I think it's great. I cannot imagine how traumatizing it is for a larger guest to wait in line as long as everyone else only to not fit in the restraint while everyone is staring at you. I've seen it happen many times. I can only imagine the akwardness for the ride op also. It's quite obvious that all these rides, including American rides, are designed for European bodies, not Americans. If America continues on it's current diet, look for more accomodations in the future.
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What do two parks three thousand miles from each other have to do with competition? In the public's eye? Not a signle thing.

Anyway, the B&M rep I talked to (Walter and Claude were busy) said that this was a better solution than looking for the click or the little mark at the base of the lap bar (I think it has to be visible to be "locked").

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Is there a stronger return spring on the new bar? I rode Raging Bull and had to hold on to the bard to keep it from ratcheting down but becuase of the design I still think they are the best steelie train out there despite that minor flaw!

This is great news. I have a friend who was unable to ride Top Gun and Batman:the Ride because of his shoulders and his girth. Fortunately he was able to fit in the fifth row. Anyways, larger people should be accommodated the same as a smaller person. I'm glad that the industry is finally realizing that. Go B&M! :)

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i am glad us larger riders are being accomadated i just barely fit in appollos charriot and then the lap bar is too tight same with raging bull
some b&ms do have seats for larger folks but only the middle rows BOO...
i like what i am hearing lets hope it is all rows not just the middle
how can you get air if you are stapled
Im quite aware that all B:T.R's are clones, they are what are called production models I believe. Height on a coaster i think gives it a distinguishing streak. Look at M.F., everyone wanted to go ride that! My problem with Great Adventure is that they need a hyper and one that would set a record like other coasters at other Six Flags location have
Oh good another ride I can get bruised legs on!

Live to have FUN!

Go Shamrocks!
Go Wolverines!
Floorless Sue...I totally agree with you. Its messed up that a certain Six Flags Park (cough coughMagic Mountain) is getting all the attention while my favorite, Great Adventure gotta settle for only three good rides..(Medusa / Chiller / Batman) Jeez
I agree that six flags and B&M have finally thought about people over 200 pounds. I am a huge guy. 6'5 290. I have been embarressed many times on other rides due to being way to big to ride the rides. I had to be squished into Vortex in Carrowinds. I at one point tried to get an extender belt for the rides I wanted to be on...No good.. God Bless B & M. My christmas wish has come true.....
Anybody happen to know when Great Adventure will be making their official announcement for the 2001 season?
Another GREAT idea from B&M! On our 8th grade field trip to SFGAm, this one obese kid, Eric,probably around 300+ LBS, waited in the long line for giant drop, finally got there, and was rejected due to his size. I have seen this happen about 3 times now, and i feel so bad for all of those people. I could not even begin to imagine their great feeling of embarrassment. I too am a "big" guest. I think I weight around 250 now, and have never been rejected off of a ride, but some of them are so uncomfortable. For example, American Eagle & Viper. OUCH!!!!! So... if I keep losing weight, lets hope I wont have this problem in 2001!
Although I applaud B&M for making some effort to accommodate larger guests, I don't believe the causitive issue has been addressed. This past weekend I visited SFGA, and of course, wanted to ride Nitro. I tried out the "test" seat by the entrance to the ride, and managed to attach the cable to the yellow bar. After waiting in the "fast pass" line for about 30-45 minutes, it was my turn to ride. While I can't say it was easy to attach the cable, it did hook onto the bar...so I let out a sigh of relief and got ready for my ride. That's when I heard "re-check car 6"!! The computer didn't register that the restraint was locked in, and I was forced to get out of my seat. The ride operators were not at all helpful, and they continued to usher me out of the loading platform in a hurry, under the watchfull eye of hundreds of guests. They didn't respond after I told them I had tried the test seat, and fit.
I believe the problem with the cars is the molded seating. It is not easy for a larger person to squish their butt, and legs into a seat designed for someone around 180-190lbs. A compounding factor is the issue of the actual restraint, and the relative shortness of the cable. When a person doesn't fit into the seat properly, of course the bar isn't going to go down as far as it should. Especially on B&M coasters.

By far, in my coaster riding experiences to date, Intamin has the most comfortable, conducive seating for larger guests. Vekoma is not far behind. For that reason, I am looking forward, with anticipation, to riding Millenium Force in a few months!
I don't believe this was a "GREAT idea" from B&M

Maybe B&M should take a look at they're Sweedish counterparts, and make some adjustments. Yah?

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Sweedish? What are you talking about? Intamin is from Switzerland too.......
Of course they're from Switzerland too...that's what I meant.

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