I-X Indoor Amusement Park 4-7-2006

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Well Now that I have a little time, I can post my TR from the I-X.

I went to the WB booth, where they were giving away Carnival of Horror Tickets. You had to spin the wheel thing and if you landed on the Carnival of Horrors, you got a free ticket. I won, but I didn't go in because 1)I was scared... 2) I didn't want to go in without my friends.

Now onto the fun stuff, the rides...

Freak Out: An awesome ride, that is like a roller coaster. It gives you massive airtime, and that lovely stomach drop feeling. Hands down the best ride.

Thunderbolt: A ride that is similar to Haybayler. They had a very good selection of music, including "It's a Long Way to the Top"-AC/DC, and "Feel Good Inc."-The Gorillaz. They had a foghorn that they made go off a lot so people would make noise. It was a nice ride, and it was fun.

Ring of Fire: It's like a giant looping roller coaster. You just keep going upside down over and over. It was fun at first, but then it just got boring.

Mega Shot: A Nice Drop tower that has an awesome element of surprise. You don't really know when you are going to drop.

Power Surge: A ride that flips you upside down, while going high into the air. A fun ride, but you get dizzy fairly quick.

Skater: You are on a skateboard like contraption that has you feel like you are riding a halfpipe.

Crazy Mouse: Not really much to say about this, except this was my very first Crazy Mouse coaster.

Whirl Wind: A rotor type ride that tips you on the side. I believe that these are called "Round Up". My first credit on this type of ride as well.

Inverter: Time Warp type ride. It was good except for the fact that it kills your legs. The seats are too tight and they cut off circulation.

Rock O Plane: The Ferris Wheel that you can flip upside down. I hate ferris wheels with a passion, and this one didn't help. Especially when we got stopped at the top, and my friend said that if we fell, we wouldn't get hurt.

Twister: A scrambler ride designed for 3 people with individual seats for each. A very fun ride, except if you are the person being squished.

Cliff Hanger: A hang gliding type ride.

Pharoh's Fury: Swinging Ship type ride. I've been on better.

Tornado: A very fun ride, except for the fact that someone threw up a little, and some throw up landed on my friend Kevin.

Yo-Yo: The age old classic swings. Although this ride had some safety issues. People kicking swings, not all seat belts buckled...ect.

Quasar: High INTENSITY Thrill Ride. This thing had to be pulling like 3.5 G's at least. You could definatly feel the G forces on this baby.

Hurricane: This ride was okay. I have a bruise on my right leg from where I was slammed into the bar. They need padding on the bars.

Screamer: An inverted type swinging ship. The only complaint I have with this ride is that we were left upside down too long.

All in all it was a good trip.

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What kind of ride is freak out?

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Do they have a Zipper this year?

- R.A

The Freak Out was at the IX last year and it's a KMG ride. Think Frisbee or KMG Afterburner but with only three sets of seats.

I rode it last year and it seemed like it was almost going to hit the roof. It's a crazy yet fun ride.

I really liked the Power Surge at Knoebel's last year and may be a reason to go to the IX this year along with the Quasar.

X Factor

Yes they infact did have Zipper although I did not ride.

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Uh oh. Don't tell Moosh that!

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