I think that was innappropriate Jeff...

Not to start a war, Jeff, but as an admin, you shouldn't be so quick to close an on-topic, non-offensive thread so quickly. The reason strikes me as absolutely hypocritical as well. You claim to hate 100 page threads about nothing, when the Kennywood thread had only 4 or 5 posts, and was ABOUT the Kennywood rumor, and yet you continue to allow the Cedar Point '07 project thread to run rampant through 30+ pages, meanwhile all it was at the beginning was just a rumor as well. Let alone the fact that by now, it's all the same questions and comments anyway: What kind is it?/What do you think it will do?/What do you think it will be named? All repetitive by this point, an no less boring than a discussion on expansion at another park, whether or not you feel the details to be untrue. It a perfectly valid topic, and there was a healthy discussion going and once again, because you, the administrator, didn't agree 100% with what was going on in the thread, though it was well within the rules for posting on this site, in my opinion, closed it down in it's early stages, and will invariably reprimand or ban anyone who says otherwise, myself included, regardless of how civil they may be in trying to make a point against what you did as I have. The restrictiveness and absolute lack of tolerance for any fanciful, what-if, discussions that is displayed on this site by some of the admins is really quite discouraging. I don't understand what it is you all have about friendly banter, especially when it's on the topic this site is dedicated to...rollercoasters and the parks they're in. I hope you don't take this as a personal attack, and if it offends you, I apologize, but I'd be pretty dissapointed in your character if you just continued to wield the supreme discipline hammer and go about bashing it down on any thread you don't see fit simply due to your opinion that it is pointless, especially, as said, when existing, "allowed" thread continue to run far, far longer with no more valid or interesting of a point to make. In any case, I don't care what is done with this thread, or if it is even viewed. I've just come to a point where I feel the grip has been tightened way too far, so to speak, on what is allowed on this site, and I feel better having been able to speak my mind about it.

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Id close this thread for being one drawn out paragragh thats impossible to read.

BTW, Jeffs the owner, not the moderator.

The CP thread is going because there is proof something is being built.

You are presenting a scanned 8.5"x11" printed article.

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When you start your own forum you can do whatever you want. Trying to call me out in public and hoping you're going to get support is far less appropriate.

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Closed topic.

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