I see wooden coasters in the near future...

I know that it may have been mentioned already, but there is now proof on the internet that hints that NoLimits is going to release an add-on pack that will allow wooden coasters...they already have the PTC trains built.

Click the link for a cool rendering.

Notice the 3rd train over on wooden track...that's right, you're allowed to drool now. :)

Actually, that is one of the models that Ride Op created for Ultra Coaster...but I know that wooden coasters are on the to-do list for No Limits.


Actually that's for UC3D. I wonder if they can be easily converted to NL.

Edit: You beat me to it Karl! :)

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Yes, it could be easily converted to NoLimits. I bet RideOp used some sort of 3D Modeling software like 3DSMAX to make those trains. He could just simply export it as an OpenGL object. Then optimize it for NL.

Enlight us, RideOp!

The Jet Coaster ROARS!
Will Johansson, Webmaster of Xtreme Paramount Parks

It wouldn't take much to export them for NoLimits at all.  I there is a scaling difference though, so I'd have to fix that.  I'd probably build them from scratch anyways because I've learned so much from when I built those.


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