I Keep on hopin' We'll eat Cake by the Ocean (Waldameer Trip Report)

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Sunday morning I woke up to breakfast at the Kern’s home in Hudson, OH. And it was really great. I sat and talked to Isaac and his parents for a bit. His mom loves coasters and loved Kennywood, so she was excited for us to be going. Around 11 in the morning we headed north for a couple hours at Waldameer, one of my favorite smaller parks, and, surprisingly, one I’ve hit up a lot in the last few years after my first visit.

We got to the park around 1, just after it finished it’s rolling opening so that all of the rides where opened. And our first stop, if I recall correctly, was Ravine Flyer II, after hitting up the restroom (always a must after driving to Waldameer). I cannot say enough good things about RF2. The line wasn’t long at all, and it was running great. This coaster is near perfection and the reason I keep getting called back to Erie. Its hard to ride it and not rate it number one overall (it is in my top 10 wood, which are all quality wooden coasters) because it’s just so kick butt. That airtime! That view! That first drop! The hills over the road! I can’t even. Really. And even when I can, I still can’t.

Next we headed over to the Wacky Shack for a spin, then over to Pirate’s Cove. As we were heading over to ride Steel Dragon, Bryan (Birdhombre) sent me a text to let me know Kennywood, which we planned to hit up for the rest of the day, had closed due to weather. Bummer. So we had to discuss and regroup. Part of this trip was going to be my first time at Idlewild, which I was highly looking forward to, but they closed at 8pm, and we wouldn’t get there in time to really enjoy the park. We decided, since Isaac hadn’t been to Kennywood in forever, and my time last year there was cut short, that we would instead stay at Waldameer for most of the day before heading out to Pittsburgh, and then doing Kennywood on Monday before heading home, forgoing Idlewild and Kennywood at nite.

This was good in that I never get to spend a lot of time at Waldameer, so we headed to Steel Dragon for a spin. Then we did the drop tower and decided to head out for lunch. Thanks again Bryan for the Sarah’s recommendation, it was great. Then we headed over on to Presque Isle for a bit and returned to the park, riding Comet again, Steel Dragon again (the second time was way better and spinnier), the Mega Vortex (Disk-O), the Train, the Ferris Wheel, the Sky Ride, the Log flume (I REALLY loved the log flume!), Ravine Flyer a lot, and I even ate most of a whoopee pie.

There’s so much to do and we really enjoyed ourselves. I like Waldameer and wish there was a similar park closer to me. In fact, I wish someone would turn Ghost Town in the Sky in to a park like this, but alas, that will likely never happen.

We headed out and stopped at some meh ‘pub’ on the way to Pittsburg before checking out and then heading out in Pittsburgh. Now that is a city I need to spend more time in.

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I don't have a whole lot to add other than I love Waldameer too. I am by no means a Dark Ride Enthusiast, but I love the Wacky Shack so much. "Perhaps with your arm still attached" is a regular in my random quotes repertoire, and my son just hit me with it a few weeks ago. Their water park is a lot of fun too if you make the time.

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I'm a big fan of their communal hot tub.

Here's my favorite Pirates Cove moment.

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