I FINALLY rode the Voyage!!! 7/21/06

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After what seemed like an eternity, my family, and I, finally went to Holiday World. It was my husband and I, his parents, his sister and brother-in-law and their two kids. Ben, 8 and Ellie, 5.

As we walked up to the main gate we are greeted by Pat Koch! For some reason, I was surprised to see her! I thought about shaking her hand, but instead, just smiled and walked on by. We ended up seeing her two other times throughout the day.

Rides we went on....
Frightful Falls - loved the tunnel when it first starts out.

Scrambler - had quite a bit of zing to it! It was great fun!

Swings - this packed a punch! I actually felt some airtime. I was a little upset that I had to take off my little bag that was securely strapped around my waist. But I didn’t argue.

Liberty Launch - granted, it’s not as high as the Power Tower at CP, but this was A LOT of fun!

Bumper cars - this could get dangerous at times, but it was fun. We rode this twice. Once with the kids and once without.
Midnight Ride (Spider) - I rode it with Ben, and he loved it! We got it spinning really good at first, but couldn’t get it going again after a while.

Bumper Boats - rode that with Ellie. I’m so glad she likes to spin, and that’s exactly what we did. The gal operating this ride was VERY good at capturing boats that got loose or getting kids back into the bay. She’s an experienced bumper boat ride operator. ;)

The Voyage - Finally, the time came where Steve and I got to ride the Voyage. What an incredible ride! There was no wait at all! I liked the part when you are waiting in line, you get to see the track as the train comes back to the station. We walked right up to the loading platform and had to wait for just a few cycles. We rode in the front seat of the last car. The view going up the first hill is breath taking! I liked seeing all the land that is available for them to expand on. The first hill takes your breath away. The third or forth hill you don’t notice you are about to go into a tunnel, until you get to the tunnel. The rough part was the helix. Those always seem rough to me, no matter what wooden coaster you ride. In one of the tunnels it’s dark enough that you don’t see the track and you feel a bit of air time. The 90 degree banks are an excellent feature! After riding the first time, Steve and I got off and got right back in line again. We were still trying to catch our breath waiting to ride the second time. The second time, for some reason, went faster. We rode in the same spot, but it was a different ride. I thought that was odd. Did anyone else feel this at all? I have no complaints about this ride. What a gem!

Steve and I went to Splashin Safari after riding the Voyage. We only got to ride the Jungle Racer once until they announced that a severe thunderstorm has entered the county. Then SS was closed temporarily. By that time we met back up with the rest of the family and ended up taking shelter in Merlin’s Castle Arcade. After a while, we had to go into the back room to get better shelter. It was pretty scary! It’s an experience I have never had at an amusement park before. But, luckily, it didn’t last long. Most of the people left the park and we stayed.

The Raven - This was the last ride Steve and I went on and by this time it was dark out. It was his first time on this coaster and the last time I rode this was in 1997. It was quite the experience riding it at night. We felt like we were in a tunnel the whole time. Truly phenomenal!

It was a long day at the park. We didn’t get to enjoy Splashin Safari as much. But it was an adventure and great fun!

I'd rather be riding Roller Coasters....or baking.

Thanks for you report. I'll take it as you we're all about the experience and not the technical side. (Voyage has no helix :) )

Glad you liked it, Do you consider it too much, just right or OUT OF THIS WORLD?

Chuck, once again thanking you for your Trip Report.

Charles Nungester said:
I'll take it as you we're all about the experience and not the technical side. (Voyage has no helix :) )

Oops! My bad! Thanks for being polite about it. ;) Then, what do you call the part of the coaster that makes a big circle to turn around to come back? (that's what I was refering to.) I'd like to use the technical terms correctly. ;)

I would rate Voyage - OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!! It's a MUST ride!

I'd rather be riding Roller Coasters....or baking.


Since this is an out-and-back, that section of the ride would have to be the turn around. However, in the case of the Voyage, both of the terms "out-and-back" and "turn around" have been given whole new meanings. *** Edited 7/24/2006 5:17:28 PM UTC by Kraven the Raven***

Life is an amusment park -and I can't get off of the damn spinning teacups!

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