"I built a 535 ft. Slip 'n Slide"

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So cool! All the backyard coasters we've seen here are neat and all, but this is one of the few homebrew rides I've see that looks really fun!

Very cool! It looks like it needs a little bit more of a landing zone though.
Interesting, Ive always wanted to build my own waterslide lol, it wouldn't be that hard, put a couple of those play slides together you can buy for backyard playgrounds, maybe one some twists and everything, use a kiddie pool or a reg pool at the bottom, add a standard water pump and you could start building a backyard waterpark lol. That looks fun though, a summer camp nearby used to have a slide built into a hill like that, I think they used tarps too lol, Camp Quebec.
I bet that hurt.
That is awesome. You should find a way to dig in to the hill to make turns and make it like 900 feet.

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On the levees in New Orleans my friends and I built a giant slip and slide down the levee with a bunch of tarps, just poured water and soap on it and had a blast.

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If admission prices keep going up, some of us may have to look into this as our new hobbie. ;)

I once built a sled run that zig-zaged down the side of a hill. I never thought of a slip 'n' Slide. If one was creative enough, that could be a blast!

I like the use of an inflatable mattress for a vehicle. Looks really cool, although I agree the landing area should probably be a little bigger.
You might be a redneck...:)

P.S. Sure looks fun...

Yeah, that is kinda redneck-ish, but at least the design doesn't have a total disregard for life like that homemade slingshot.
I barely survived the slip 'n slide my folks got for my kid some 15 years ago. That was 40' of sheer pain.

Still, kudos to the builder!

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^^ At least this version has a vehicle that prevents that dreaded "rubber burn"!
lol, that is simply amazing!

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20 years ago, I helped build a less ambitious slip-and-slide at a councellor training camp. There was a small natural gully in the lawn in front of the dorms that we (a bunch of 16 year-olds) covered with overlapping garbage bags and sprayed with water.

3-4 bags (15-20 feet) were fine, be we got ambitious and made a train of garbag bags 30-40 feet long. It was fun, except that when you came to the end, there was no splash-down. Riders were launched onto a wet grass hill at full speed. (Imagine grass stains from your belt line to your neck.)

Also, if a bag slipped, you might find yourself riding grass in the middle of the slide.

But we were young and dumb. This was just one of the few things us councellors foolishly tried, then later promised never to mention to our young impressionable campers. :)

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It looks crazy! I was never a big fan of the slip-and-slides but it reminds me of a hill we used to go tubing on. Now THAT was a blast!


RavenTTD said:
Check out this one:


That's crazy. I was not prepared for the ramp and the landing pool when the video started. I'm amazed that they had accurately calculated the landing point!

To think that when I was young and my parents were out of town, my friends and I just got loaded over and over again. We could have been doing so much more.

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