I am liking the new SF CEO.

It speaks for itself.


My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Hey, that was nicely done. I'm impressed.

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I dont typically like all the "Ride Name: Sub-Title" naming conventions that have popped up lately, but I have to admit Apocalypse: The Last Stand for the displaced Iron Wolf is pretty cool. And I love the logo.

CEO dude though could stand to unbutton at least the top button of that polo. Looks like he's being choked.

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Could you imagine Kinzel doing this?
He probably would have to do it Oprah Style: " You get a Windseeker, you get one, you too!!!! "

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That Oprah joke cracked me up yesterday when someone else told it. This time, mehh... :)

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I'll say it again. Really impressed with the Six Flags 2012 additions. Anyone else think the Mexico ride will be Big Spin, relocated from SFDK?


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Can't find the article now, but that was supposed to be confirmed yesterday.

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The new CEO is an Aussie? I detect an Australian/South African/Caribbean mash up.

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