I am going to do the Holiday World....

I am going to do the Holiday World.... King Island tour together. In general... what are the best days for Holiday World in June? I want the lowest crowds as standing in line with no Fast Pass or similar from Six Flags. We are both in our mid 50's so this is very important to us. Thanks!

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Magic 8 ball says...unsure, ask again later.

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Go early and in the middle of the week. Avoid Saturdays.

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The best days in June for Holiday World are Saturdays, since they are the busiest. The best days in June for you to visit to avoid large crowds are...

Look, all it takes is a little common sense and you could answer this question yourself. The biggest factors are school and work (but you already knew that). Adults are off weekends and kids are out of school from June to August (but you already knew that). Plus, when the weather is nicer people go outside more, and the weather tends to be nicer in the late spring and early summer (but you already knew that).

Kids out of school + adults off work + nice weather = bad (Saturdays in June and July)

Kids in school + adults at work + crappy to decent weather = good (weekdays in April and May)

Everything else lies in between.

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In defense of the question, I do think there are some variances between parks. Yes, some truths are universal, i.e. avoiding Saturdays, but consider the KI issue this year. KI has obscenely crowded opening days. SFA's has been respectably crowded before. A lot of parks are empty on that day, though.

Also, the best months to visit vary. When I went to SFGAm on a couple of August weekdays, it was empty. CP? Swamped, although that was admittedly early August.

Again, just saying, some parks do have sweet spots for low crowds that others don't.

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Traditionally, hw's opening day is not busy.

I recommend Friday, June 13 or 20 ... to catch the least busy of this summer's Friday Night Fireworks.

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I recommend listening to Paula and Andy - they seem to have a pretty good handle on the place... :~P

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I recommend just going, Busy or not, The water park eats most of the people during the afternoon

Might as well ask this in this thread... I'm visiting Holiday World for the first time on Saturday, May 10th. I'm not a big water park person so the fact that Splashin Safari won't be available doesn't bother me. However, the fact it isn't open makes me wonder if the crowds are larger as a result elsewhere in the park? Or since its still relatively early in the season, does it typically get very busy at that point? All I really care is getting at least a couple rides on all the coasters so its not a big deal either way but thought it would be nice to get an idea of what kind of waits to expect.

All that really matters is I've been looking forward to making this trip for years and years and can't wait. :-)

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I love how two people that know what they're talking about give adequate advice and Chuck totally contradicts them.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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May 10 will more than likely be unbusy.

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Is anyone else curious about how they are going to theme the fireworks? I wonder if it will be just with using or if there will be more.

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4th of July?? Just a guess...

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