HyperSonic XLC at Kings Dominion

Has anyone been on HyperSonic XLC? To me it seemed really rough towards to end of the ride. Enough to give someone a headache....Any thoughts on this?
Yeah I rode it the 2nd year it was open and it was way too rough. It was more of a gimmick ride anyway. I won't mind it when they tear it down within the next couple of years.
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Hypersonic = The poor man's Dragster.

The launch is intense, the ride though... meh. I can see why only two have been built. It's so... bouncy!

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One of the biggest coaster let downs for me ever. I wonder if anyone is gonna buy it or not.

Its still for sale right?


"I have ridden the Hypersonic and that ride, in my opinion, can go to coaster hell. After you make that first turn, it bounces your head around like M&M's in a blender. It should be sold for scrap if anyone does buy it because thats all its good for."

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The worst coaster ride ever. We have ridden 248 different coasters together and this was the worst by far. I wouldn't go on it again for big money. Rides are supposed to be fun. It was painful and no fun. We had hurt it was rough - a little bit of an understatement. We got the credit but the pain will never allow us to forget it.
And if I remember correctly, it was hailed as being "the future of Coasters" by some special on cable. Air filled tires equal bounce.

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Fun the first year, but man does it suck now... I blame KD "working" on the ride so much...

And if I remember correctly, it was hailed as being "the future of Coasters" by some special on cable. Air filled tires equal bounce.

Probably based on something that Paul Ruben said!

I rode it once in its second year of operation and wasn't impressed. *** Edited 7/22/2007 4:50:53 AM UTC by Brad G***

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I don't mind being in the minority on this one...I have not been on it in 2 years but I love it. The launch in the front is some of the most intense coaster track out there and I am not sure where the complaints of roughness are coming from.
When I rode it (2002?) I found it to be a little rough. However, what really got me was that it was basically a "One Trick Pony"... Launch, over the top, down again, back to the station... much like the much bigger "One Trick Ponies" at CP and SFGrAdv.

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Way too bouncy and the restraints bruised my legs
I rode it when it opened, and it was awesome. And yes, i agree above it was THE coaster of the future. But I haven't ridden it in years. KD hasn't attracted me back since. But when I rode it was raining, so I'm sure the rain may have smoothed it out a bit, but I didn't notice any roughness.

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Wow...I rode it two months ago for the first time and loved it! Maybe it's because I went in with such low expectations. The launch was ridiculous, the airtime fantastic, and the stop, well, maybe that wasn't so great, but overall I really enjoyed it.
Got my first ride on it last month and I'm glad I only rode it once. Wait over an hour for it and it wasn't worth the wait. The launch is intense, along the lines of Rock n' Roller Coaster, but the rest of the ride is just bumpy as heck and the stop was even worse. The sound it makes coming into the brakes would make people think something is wrong with the ride (which I heard a couple say when the train went into the brake run and heard the loud noise.)

Airtime...what airtime??? I didn't fell any airtime at all. If someone were to ask me if I had a choice between Hypersonic or Avalanche to ride over and over, I would pick Avalanche. That ride is fun, but that's a different topic

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Perhaps riding in the back seat had something to do with this, but I did feel some pretty strong airtime all the way down the 90-degree drop. Like I said, I think I enjoyed it because of my low expectations. Everybody told me it sucked, combined with the fact that I watched everybody bouncing all over the place while waiting in line. when it came time to ride, I was expecting pain, but was pleasantly surprised.

Of course, I have a track record of liking the really sadistic rides, too.

I agree with most its a pretty bouncy ride, its not horrible enough to not consider reriding in my opinion. The launch is as intense as a dragster as it is the only thing i can compare it to, but the problem with the hill is it needs more time to hit the hill dragster is ten times smoother going up and then you get slammed into the restraints on the way down. All in all it wasnt as bumpy as most say, but it rained all day i was there, so to say conditions did it were probably right for me, but the launch and tower were just about the worst part for me.

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