Hypersonic up for sale?? WTF is CF doing?

Color me surprised to hear that Cedar Fair has Hypersonic up for sale. What are they thinking? Yes I know the ride has had it's ups and downs in reliability, but sheesh. Fix the thing don't sell it.

Unless something monstrous is going to take it's place, so far.. color me unimpressed to CF's acquisition of my home park.

Link for the sale of sans XLC
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What was I supposed to put here again?!?!

It's not always as simple as fix it. It may also have a huge maintenance cost just to keep it running, which would make it better financially to replace it with something else, even if it's not on the immediate horizon.

Don't get me wrong... I absolutely love the ride. However, I've been around CF long enough to trust what they have in store.

In fact, just because it's for sale doesn't mean it will go anywhere unless it's actually bought. I mean, how many cars do you see driven around by potential sellers with a for sale sign in the window, right? :)

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