Hypersonic arrives!!!

Tuesday, August 1, 2000 1:20 AM
Just what I was waiting for. The world's first S&S Thrust Air has arrived and PKD has got it for 2001! Awesome!
Tuesday, August 1, 2000 6:50 AM
Is it a copy of the prototype? I sure hope not.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2000 6:53 AM
The ride will suck. If it is the exact copy of the prototype.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2000 7:03 AM

Hey, it wasn't 10 when you anounced it!!!! How do you know??
Tuesday, August 1, 2000 7:33 AM
Little birdy told me...
Tuesday, August 1, 2000 8:47 AM
Actually,he got it from screamscape.com,personally I don't know if I should believe it or not because S&S wanted to build a really tall and fast one,not one that's less than 200 ft.
Tuesday, August 1, 2000 8:54 AM
We'll see soon. Originally it was intended for PGA, but was cancelled. That one was 180ft.
Tuesday, August 1, 2000 9:23 AM
Who takes care of you...


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Tuesday, August 1, 2000 9:41 AM
Just what I thought! Thanks again Jeff. People will bash this thing, but I for one can't wait to ride it! :)
Tuesday, August 1, 2000 12:14 PM
Simcoaster: Let me be the first to start. Why did PKD want this thing? It doesn't really add anything to their lineup. It's not a hypercoaster, it's going to have horrible capacity, and I'm still a little leery of the whole "rubber tires" thing. I mean I know aircraft rated tires can take the wear and tear of the accel/de-cel but they are going to have to replace them much more often than planes because of the constant cycling. I'm not too fond of the ride itself (as you can see =]). But I REALLY dont think PKD needs this. They already have two launched coasters, and even one of those has a vertical ascent (V:TBC). I know ta2k has gotten a lot of press. Several GP peeps have mentioned the ride to me 'cause they know I'm an r-c nut. It will be immensely popular. But I really wish they had held out for a more intricate design. The prototype model really doesnt fit with THIS park. Oh well, that being said, I guess I'll meet up with y'all next year in the four hour line. Hey at least we'll have plenty of time to talk coasters =].
Tuesday, August 1, 2000 1:09 PM
I agree, this wasn't the park for Hypersonic. Paramount bought the prototype because the technology interested them, and then they had no idea where to put it. I guess they figured the half-coaster, half-freefall was what the park needed. We don't yet know how many cars it will use, so I think people are jumping the gun on that one. Having said that, Paramount has ALWAYS been clueless when it comes to choosing rides for their parks, I don't know why people are still surprised.

2)Outer Limits
3)The Fly
4)Drop Zone
7)Hypersonic ect.

Great rides you say? Sure, but these type of rides should go to smaller, less crowded parks.

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