Hyper for SFoG In 2002?

Tuesday, June 5, 2001 8:48 PM
I got this from a friend who just came back from SFoG!!!!!

I just got back from SFOG a few hours ago. I was only there for 3hrs but got to do everything because everything was a walk on except Acro which I only waited 15min for. Well on to the good stuff.
While riding Viper I looked to the right(previously saw land clearing there) and what did I see? None other than pink marking flags and ribbons. So I rode Viper a few times to kinda get an idea of these flags layouts. For those who don't know there is a large hill next to Viper.

There are flags in a straight line going up the side of the hill(I guess it will be marking for the lift hill)the flags continue in a straight line down to the bottom of that hill. Now from the top of that hill the park can only build about 190ft or so, but with that drop down the side of the hill it makes the drop about 220ft. It looks to me as if they are building a hyper. The flags also go out and all around the area. Now while exiting Viper through the swamp part if you look to the left towards the back of the games there are more pink flags on top of the sandy hillside.

So to sorta give this layout a perspective it looks as if the station will be near the back of Vipers back spine. The lift will go up however many feet(prob 200ft exactly) the drop will then head down hill towards the direction of the Southern Star but no where near it. Then it will do a turn around and head back towards the games and over the Viper queue where it will then turn around and head over towards the employee parking lot and then once again turn back and head into the station. What it will do in this route is kinda hard to determine. If it will be an air-time machine or highly intense, I'm just going by the layout of the flags. There are more flags over on top of the hill than on the Viper side though. I think they may even take out Viper to make room for this thing. All I know is that it is spread out and looks like the perfect layout for a hyper. I know this will be easy for the SFOG fans to picture, but for those who don't know SFOG well I'm sorry I have no pics to share. I was thinking Titan clone at first, but than began to think it couldn't be a clone due to the unusual terrain.

I personally think that the ride will drop 30 ft underground to make it a drop of 200 ft+!!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2001 8:51 PM
Submit in the rumors section please. Thankyou.

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