HWN 2013 shirts .. too late?

Getting ready to squeak in before the procrastination tax, and not seeing any way to add shirts to the HWN order... Have they started printing already and too late to order, or am I missing something? Site still mentions you can order them in the verbage... TIA and see y'all there!

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I don't see a spot to add a shirt to your shopping cart either. But it does say "Yes, we'll order a few extra shirts, but probably not enough in your size." So you might be able to buy one on Friday night.

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I believe there was something on the registration page about the deadline for the t-shirts being May 4? I didn't see the design until after I had registered, so I'm hoping to get one on site. This year's shirt is a good one :)

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Resisting the temptation to make a size joke...

They've had enough in previous years to accommodate most of those wanting to purchase an event shirt on-site....(esp. in the smaller sizes).

Argh, I really tried...

We ordered extras, as always; we had to place the order May 10. If you'd like us to hold one for you, email us (and include your size) at our "fun" address, please.

See you soon! Paula

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Rollergator, I think they've been out of smalls last time I tried to pick one onsite.

Will send email, Raven.

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Why would they even offer smalls in the first place?

You could resist, gator, but alas, I could not. ;) I say this all in jest, though, should any parties be concerned that this was meant to be serious.

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