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I'm not going to break this out chronologically or anything but a few notes from my visit Saturday and Sunday, with parents, and sister, and two nephews, one just a wee little thing and one who just broke the 36" barrier, which was cool, he could ride a lot more.

I still don't know what to think about Voyage. I find it hard to compare to other coasters but it did seem to be running very well. I'm happy that awful transition after the last 90 degree turn has been fixed, it's fine now. I think I'll really be able to pass full judgment after I get a couple of all-out night rides, but even after around 10 lifetime rides on the thing it's still hard for me to even soak in. Things did seem generally a bit slower compared to my rides last year but the only place is was noticeable was going into the MCBR, the tunneled triple down, and going into the final brakes. Everything else seemed as crazy as usual.

Legend is much improved. Last year I wasn't so sure about how I felt about the the ride in general. Opening year I adored the way the Gerst trains tracked but obviously hated what the seats did to my legs. Last year was the first time I rode with the PTCs and things felt a bit rough, sluggish, uncomfortable, but not at all now. That first drop is still, I think, the best of any wooden coaster and the spiral drop into that huge double-up and then big drop into the 2nd tunnel is one of the best orchestrated sequences in coasterdom. Just amazing, still. The rest of the layout doesn't quite add up to that amazing beginning but for me Legend is completely redeemed.

The Raven is wonderful, what can I say? I made the accident of riding in the front seat once and, you know, this ride just doesn't work in the front seat. But everything in the back was as good as it's ever been, even back to those heady days in 96/97 there was only one train (as if that 2nd train really helps...nice try though) and Holiday World was still just a blip on most maps. To me it's still the most "perfect" coaster I've ever ridden and it's just a joy to ride every time, just way too much fun.

We did do some stuff in the water park and really...I'm just not a water park person. Don't get me wrong I like slides and lazy rivers and stuff but the getting changed, and the waiting in line, and the sweaty people, and the sun burn, and the lockers, and toweling off...eh. I can take it or leave it. Oh, also, I have sensitive tootsies, and while I didn't have problems at HW I think I am still traumatized by those early days of KI's WaterWorks which I found mostly miserable and painful for my soles. Not to mention the place smelled like feet, too. WaterWorks, not Splashin' Safari. Also, crowds were big enough that there was a line for the changing room. Or, rather, for the private stalls in the changing room. Personally, I am not especially modest so if you are ever stuck in line to get out of your drawers at Splashin' Safari, check down the hall and see if there's anywhere to drop trow without having to wait for a stall. Seems a bit silly to me, but hey, if you want to cover up when changing feel free to stand in line I guess.

We didn't have time for much but we did ride Bakuli, the big new one and it was fine. I had never ridden one of the big toilet bowl things and it was fun, but, hey! Look! Over there! Roller coasters we could be riding! Wee!

All in all, great trip. Crowds were insane as expected but the dry park cleared out quickly by mid-day as the water park filled up. I'm not used to waiting in lines at HW but lines moved quickly and I had absolutely no complaints about operations anywhere. Last thoughts:

-Green beans in Thanksgiving good.
-Saw Will walking by Holidog town. Furrowed brow, looked to be in a hurry.
-Saw Paula (hi if you're reading!) around the front entrance area. Hair looked different but I don't think I've seen Paula in person since...2000? 8 years? How is this possible?
-We had a break down while waiting for Frightful Falls and Abby was quite good about handling it. Very friendly. We didn't want to wait but at least she was sweet and kept us informed.
-Root beer float I got in Holidogtown had too much ice cream, not enough root beer. Until I realized I could just eat half the ice cream and then fill up with root beer again for free.

Woohoo, the end.

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