HW 7/13-14 Night times fears and cheers

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The trip began 5 hours from the park here in Muncie, Indiana on Monday, July 12. We arrived to our hotel stay in Tell City around 6. That evening was mostly spent at the hotel pool.
Now for the good, WE WERE PARK BOUND. At about 9:30 we got our start and headed for the park. After arriving and buying the much cheaper tix with the CBCLUB cards, we were off. The family had already decided to hit the water park first and sounded like a good idea. My dad and I quickly sprinted to Zoombabwe and a quick spin. Then it was to Jungle Racer, a really cool little slide concept. So now that the lines were long and my family wanted to ride Zinga, I headed back to the park. First to my favorite coaster from the last trip, THe Legend. I love this coaster so much, I just can't figure out how so many people can like Raven more. That was my next ride, again about a 5 minute wait, and the coaster is great dont get me wrong, but the Legend just kicked my butt all week and I just loved it. After a quick stop on LL, which is neat for the park but after the Power Towers and Drop Zone's sorry. SO the family regrouped to ride the rapids, ok and waterfall was great because I love rapids when you get wet. So my mom and dad were going to head back to the hotel while my uncle stuck around. After riding the Legend and Raven again, which Legend again won the battle IMHO, we were going to go ride Zinga. Shortly after we reached the top of the tower we noticed perhaps a storm coming in. We got the ride, very cool, we thought we could catch Zoombabwe again. Now for the nasty, a huge storm blew in and we were stuck at the park for another hour. But I applaud the staff for the great job they did trying to make sure kids and parents got back together and they were giving out free ponchos and making sure everyone was ok. Disappointing with no night rides, but that was in store for the next day. Keep in mind on this Tuesday that it was about 100-105* heat index and miserable.
Now on to day two. The family decides that today we will wait a little longer before entering the park. So after a little morning swimming we head down to The Patio Steakhouse for some food. Really delicious, then at about 2 we head off for the park. Upon entering we head around to the Fourth of July section and my uncle and I grab a few more rides on LL before hitting the rapids again. We then headed around to The Legend, Raven, Raven, Legend for 4 great rides. Raven was really good on those to rides, and did gain a little ground back on Legend. But we were all ready to finish up that waterpark. After getting back over there, my uncle and I went over to Otorongo and rode the curly slide. It was great, as was the straight side which us flying out of the tube and running over 2 or three people. After another ride on Jungle Racer and Zoombabwe, the sun began to set. We all cahnged back and split up. My uncle and I slipped back in line for Legend at about 7:30. On and off by 8. So back in line we go. On and off this time at 8:30. After a quick bathroom stop, my uncle decided he wanted a ride on the Raven again, so he headed off and I again got in line for the LEgend. I managed to grab the last train of the night in the very backseat, my absolute favorite. I loved in so much more in the brisk nighttime air. I wish Kings Island could import this thing. So as the trip ends, I would love to thank Holiday World, Pepsi, Pink Leomanade, staffers who care, and parents who pay out to much money:)
By the way, the next morning my father and I went to play the Christmas Lake golf course. Extremely nice, extremely fun and extremely hard. Over 7,200 yards long, but for all golfers who go to the park, sneak in at least nine on the back nine especially at the place.

New top 5 woodies: 1. legend 2. the beast 3: raven 4: thunderhead 5: cornball express

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