Hurricane topples - video online

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Whatever the asking price, it was too high...

Shame it was SO unbearably rough in the last couple years...wish I'd gotten to ride it when it was still good....layout kinda reminded me of J2/Tsunami...which I *loved*.

Regardless, sad to see a coaster come down like that...with some proper care and feeding, I think it could (and should) have had a longer and more enjoyable life... :(

They were asking $300,000.
Yep, I keep seeing topless too.

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Does anyone have a downloaded version of the video available? I tried saving the swf listed in the page's source, but it's a 2kb file that just links to it online and doesn't play offline.

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Hey, where's the general lamenting for Psuck-clone? ;)

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Start a thread about it and see ;)

coasterqueenTRN said:

Then again I never got to ride it, just heard the horror stories GALORE!

Same here. Still, something unsettling about that, as well as the entire recent string of wood coaster demolitions.

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