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Wednesday, July 1, 2015 1:05 AM

I took Preflux to Hurricane Harbor today for what was intended to be an easy day. We got off to a late start and we were just going to use our Seasons Pass, go on a few things, relax and chill. Also there was a slide there that we hadn’t been on and wanted to try as it kind of looked like a unique design. (The King Cobra Slide)

Weather: Sunny and pleasant, highs in the low 80s. (Showers later).

Traffic: Very unusual going to Great Adventure. Actually going anywhere. Apparently there was a tuck that was stuck in my neighborhood and it took us nearly an hour to go one mile on my local streets. Pure gridlock. Once we made it to the Belt Parkway 90 minutes later, even the Staten Island Expresswas was moving well and when was the last time that happened?

Due to the late start and homebound traffic we need to stop for lunch at the Bridge-Way Diner on Route 9 South. It was ok. Nothing horrible…nothing great...about a three on Yelp and Google.

When we got to the lockers, the fun began. I had a few 20s and the machine said it would only dispence up to $4 in change. That meant the $14 locker would now cost $16. No. I go to a nearby restaurant…”I am sorry I am not allowed to give out change unless you buy something.” Ok on to one of the beach stores. we waited in line for two people to buy bathing suits. Finally….”Oh I am sorry sir, but I am not allowed to give you change. I can’t open the register unless you purchase something.”

“Look, the locker is 14 dollars, it will only give me $4 in change and I only have a twenty.:”

“I am so sorry sir…”

“Look…is there a manager I can talk to?”

“Oh yes…I can get you a supervisior. Please wait here a second.”


“Look I need to make change of 20 for the locker.”


“Thank you…wait…do you mean that every time someone needs change you need to get a supervisor?”

“Yes sir.”

“May I ask why.”


Water Quality: Noticably Clean and warmer than Splish Splash. I mean I didn’t go around with a test tube and ph paper looking for bacteria, e-coli or fungus spores…but it looked and felt ok.

Bathrooms, Fine…but they seemed to only be in one area. (Unless others people were just....ah never mind, maybe that's why the water was warmer.) (I'm here all week folks.)

Wave Pool – First up was the wave pool. About five minutes on and 8 minutes off. Something like that, I didn’t have a stop watch. As soon as we positioned ourselves “BREEP BREEP BREEP BREEP!” Everybody out! This pool not only does what most do (cycle the waves) they close the pool for 15 minutes each hour. I asked a lifeguard why they do this. “COMPANY POLICY.”

Lazy River – We’ve all seen these. Older folks like me like these. So does Preflux. Just floating away…ahhh. The difference between this river and the others is that there aren’t enough tubes in the trough. Some people rent them and others have to make their way against the current to ask people if they were staying on or if you can have their tube. At first you find this is a little uncomfortable. Ten minutes later comfort takes a nose-dive and it becomes quite aggressive as you and the competition start slinking up the river against each other. Along with this are about 2/3 of the people in the river simply walking it. This is not allowed at other parks. Some are only one lap around. Not here. Once you snag a tube…you almost don’t want to get out. Ever. When we did leave, I gave it to a less aggressive middle aged woman. Snagging a tube is like winning 10 bucks on a lottery ticket.

Cobra Slide – This slide has very cool look to it. The premise is both simple and unique. You race single or double tubes into a snake

–scaled decorated slide. After two quick spirals you take a decent sized “I feel it in my stomach” slope and through a misty and water dripping (Resembling Venom) stingray style brake. The slide moves at a good clip and the double riders go much higher than the single riders. The drop is very cool, but if you do this, lift you behind up a little at the center of the trough near the drain or you will feel it. This ride had a short line, but sadly it is a VERY slow loader and a people nibbler. When I asked why this one was open the newer 6 person racer slide was closed, the guard didn’t know. Go figure. You have to try this one at least once though…very unique.

As we waited (for what turned out to be about 60 minutes for this) there was a group in front of us. One of the leaders, was calling to a family member (A child about 3 grade age) over to cut through the line and join them. Later another “friend” was there but didn’t want to ride out of fear. At this point the staff member at the front of the line let in a few flash passers, but wasn't paying attention to the actions of the aforementioned group.

The flash-pass is now prominent at Hurricane Harbor. Though it wasn't being used too much, it is there in two price levels for about 8 slides.

Then we went back to the wave pool. It was very crowded and hard to swim, but there we were anxiously awaiting for the buzzer that would bring joy, cheers and happiness to everyone. BUZZZ! “YAY!” Great…Long whistle. Waves stop. Apparently a swimmer started to climb up and out of the pool using one of the emergency ladders. The guards acted appropriately and sprang into action. Two minutes later We were ready for more joy, cheers and happiness. We instead got something else. “BREEP! BREEP! BREEP! BREEP!” “Everybody out!” Company policy!

Overall, we had a nice day. After getting booted from the wave pool the second time, we went to Great Adventure. We rode the teacups A cool op named “Moon” was doing a great job… “I say T you say cups….”T” “T” “Cups” “Cups!” Very energetic and kept the energy up. Preflux enjoyed spinning the disc, although I was feeling the effects a little. With that, the showers came and we made our way home. Tons of traffic on 537 so we opted to eat at service platform on the Garden State Parkway, and had awful food. (Even the bun was stale.) Lots of tourist info about Wildwood that I will hopefully put to good use later in the summer. Also, traffic wasn’t too bad in Staten Island.

More summer to come.

Thank you for reading this.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015 8:18 AM
Raven-Phile's avatar

The number of public pools that do hourly safety breaks far outweighs the number of pools that don't. I'm actually quite surprised I've never seen them do this at a Cedar Fair park.

R.I.P LeRoi Moore 9/7/61 - 8/19/2008
Wednesday, July 1, 2015 8:58 AM
birdhombre's avatar

What counts as being "in" the wave pool? Are you allowed to sit on the shore, or is no water allowed to come in contact with any human beings for those 15 minutes?

Thursday, July 2, 2015 3:12 PM

I have never been to Hurricane Harbor and was planning to go sometime this year. The lazy river lack of tubes really needs to be handled better. I know they want people to rent tubes but they should at least have enough where you don't have to be aggressive to get a tube. I like Dorney's setup, no tube rentals and they have so many tubes for both lazy rivers the empty tubes often get in the way and have to be pushed aside.

Friday, July 3, 2015 1:16 PM

Bird Hombre - - -> Get out means get out. Everyone needs to be behind the waterline at the start of the entrance-way to the pool. No water. No contact. Nothing. (Company Policy!)

Raven-Phile - - - > Aside from this pool at Hurricane Harbor, I have not seen this done at another pool near me. At our county and public pools, the guards move positions every twenty minutes, but the public can stay in the water. Same for New York State Pools (Jones Beach) and my town pools too.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

Monday, July 6, 2015 5:57 PM
Pete's avatar

They used to do these safety breaks at the municipal pool when I was a kid but I haven't seen it anywhere since.

I don't know why people in the water would need a safety break, they are not going to dissolve. I think it is more for the benefit of the lifeguards so they don't have to pay attention for 15 minutes. Seems like a low budget policy where they don't have to hire as many lifeguards to rotate in.

I'd rather be in my boat with a drink on the rocks, than in the drink with a boat on the rocks.

Monday, July 6, 2015 8:03 PM
Raven-Phile's avatar

The local lake beaches around here all do it, the YMCA does it, and the outdoor public pool also does it.

The difference is, at the pools, the adults can stay in the water during the break. At the lake, everybody is out for 10 minutes.

R.I.P LeRoi Moore 9/7/61 - 8/19/2008

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