Hurricane at MBP

Just a little FYI, The Hurricane is currently out of commision because it "needs a gearbox." I went to the park yesterday for "one last memory" and had fun even without the coaster. Everything else was open and I forgot how fun it was at night. I'm hoping I'll get on Hurricane before it closes, although it's gotten rather rough. I just hope Pavilion doesn't do what my friend thinks they will: not fix the ride since it's almost closing time. Just wanted to warn those heading to ride one last time to call first.

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Well, with the special tickets they are selling for closing day, my guess is that they will fix it.

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Is anyone planning on closing day? Trying to figure out if the 6-hour drive is going to be worth it...and Hurricane isn't going to make my decision either way, since last week's *assault* was as brutal as it was...
^I'm planning on it for sure, regardless of the Hurricane. Although I am disappointed the Pavilion failed to properly maintain this coaster the last 3 years, the least they coud do is get the darn gearbox fixed. They owe the public that much at least!

Besides, it would be just as nice (to me) to see Family Kingdom get bombarded with coaster enthusiasts that same weekend and celebrate the SWAMP FOX's 40th anniversary.

At the rate we are losing seaside parks, it may not be there much longer.

Anyone up for a Happy 40th Swamp Fox party that weekend?

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it's not worth the 10+ hour drive for me

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I just got back from the Pavilion, as of today (Sunday), Hurricane is fixed and open. I am glad they fixed it, as my family had a great time on our two rides. It is running pretty decent, better than two years ago, worse than when it opened. We rode second row and last car in the blue train and I got some nice airtime. The helix was a bit shaky but the ride was a lot of fun. I hate that it's going by the wayside as of this year.

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