Humor: Roller Coaster Safety with Patrick Warburton

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[Ed. note: May not be entirely appropriate for all audiences. -J]

That is awesome!

That is some of the best coaster humor I've heard/seen in quite a while! The last great ride joke I can remember was Gabriel Iglesias' Disney skit with Splash Mountain (pretty sure that was the ride), and getting stuck in the loop. Those are great.

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Sure he does the announcer guy on "Soarin'", but I know him as Joe Swanson (Family Guy), Johnny Johnson (NewsRadio), Brock Samson (The Venture Brothers), and of course, The Tick. Awesome voice, really funny guy.

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Don't forget Puddy on Seinfeld. I most associate him with Brock. Love me some Venture Bros.

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Or Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove. Lots of good voice acting. Favorite bit from the video was the orange/green belts (but don't pull on the red one).

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I liked him best as Kronk. That character was hilarious.

He is also on a regularly-shown M&M commercial.

Great video. lol at the Beast layout and photo shopped Texas Giant (or was that Mean Streak? Well oh darn. Looks like I'll have to watch it again to find out. ;) )

I don't ever remember seeing "coaster humor" before. I want more!

Freakin' hilarious!

That's just plain awesome.

"You seem healthy. So much for voodoo."

Easiest way to earn ACE classic status?

Throw a buffet into the middle of the ride.


"Not the red." Too funny.

I don't know about ACE, but this video earns instant enthusiast 'classic' status.

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I saw this when Walt posted it on Facebook yesterday and I was laughing for probably 15 minutes.

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I think "Fort Special" is my favorite part.

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Amen. I want to go to Fort Special!

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That was hilarious. The only thing I can think of off hand that was missing is an ankle restraint. They had seat belt, lap bar, shoulder restraint, chin restraint, but where is the ankle restraint?

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Lord Gonchar said:
I think "Fort Special" is my favorite part.


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How many days does this ride take? LOL

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