Huge theme park planned north of Dublin

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A consortium is trying to acquire 2,000 acres for the 7 billion Euro Disney-style development which, it says, would generate 25,000 jobs. The group behind the venture are believed to be a syndicate of prominent Irish and foreign investors. It is believed the same group was looking at a similar plan in Rathcoole earlier this year but could not get sufficient land mass.

Read more from The Belfast Telegraph.

2000 acres? That's huge.

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Wow, that is huge!!! How much is 7 billion euros in American dollars?

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with the current exchange, it would be 7.686 billion. It is huge!!
*droooool* Think of all the CCI's you could build.....

Coaster Insomniacs

none, cci is out of business.

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I'm not an idiot, I know that! I was just saying all the CCI's you could build. Not that they were going to, or even had the possibility to do so.

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2000 acres..that is more than 3 Cedar Points. Huge park there...they could build a dueling Giga coaster and not even have to think about space issues.
Wow this sounds huge...

Size: 2000 Acress Cost: 7 Billion Euros

Just imagine how many rides will it have?

That's waaaay more than 3 Cedar Points. The pinnensula itself is 364 acres, that's not the park. Also on the pinnensula is a 64 acre parking lot, a 10 acre (?) water park, 2 resorts, a camp ground, cottages, dorms, other parking lots, other buildings, and a partridge family pear tree.

I've never heard how big the park itself is, but I'd wager to guess no more than 150-175 acres.

Magic Kingdom at WDW is 100 acres. Now compare that to the 2000 acres of land and be even more amazed.

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