How will the Parks be affected by high gas prices?

With gasoline at $4 a gallon, this may cause many people to alter travel plans. Some may stay closer to home and others may forego their plans all together.

In many cases, people may go to amusement and theme parks that are fewer gallons of gas away or go to their local park (if they have one) more often. Others may be squeezed so much by their necessary fuel costs causing them to be unable to afford to go at all.

What is likely to happen? Which parks will be hurt most by the gas prices and which ones will do all right this year?

Arthur Bahl

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With all due respect to Arthur wasn't there just a discussion about this in the general forums?
Maybe I missed it while my mother was in the hospital.

IMO the parks that will fare the best are those that depend primarily on locals. These include those such as Kennywood, Rye Playland, Valleyfair, Worlds of Fun, Elitch's Gardens, etc. Most of these park's visitors simply do not use a lot of gas to get there.

Arthur Bahl

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