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Today I went up to Blue Bayou and Dixie Landin and got pictures of their new roller coaster and other coasters, my question is does anyone know how I might be able to send these pictures into RCDB so the guy who runs it can put them up?

PS The ride looks very nice and is already set up and the new record breaking waterslide is about half way done.

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I've had a few photos make it onto RCDB myself (nothing to boast about) but it just goes to show that anyone can make it onto RCDB with some good photo submissions.

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It's not exacty blatantly obvious how to contribute, but if you search around the site, you'll stumble onto that feedback email address. I sent the model pics of the Boardwalk Bullet over to Duane, and he posted a couple of them.

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Why not submit them here?
Because this isn't RCDB...

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

Maybe it's not very obvious by I've found that Dwayne is more than willing to talk. I've never submitted photos but I have given him park & coaster info and he was very thankful... not to mention very quick to get the info posted.
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Agreed. After he read Bass' trip report about our adventure to visit a park in Tijuana [we discovered the park had moved -- as well as updated their coaster collection] he was proactive in updating the info, contacting both of us for input.
The snow construction pics of Hades are mine. :)

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