How to change from metrics?

On the New No-Limits demo how do you convert the measurements from metrics to the US system of measurements?
At the moment you can't, but I've asked Ole to include that in the final version of the editor.


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I agree with that suggestion. While I think it's stupid that the US didn't go metric for real decades ago, unfortunately I'm stuck with knowing real rides in terms of feet. That would be helpful in the editor. Good suggestion!

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In the new demo, if you go to opitions and click on  the option "Metric", it will change to "Mideviel"(sp?).  That is the normal US measurement system. No joke.
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Yeah, but in the editor, you can only view stats in terms of meters.
I've got good news!  I'm testing an updated version of the editor now and you can change to US units now! 


No you can't have it yet.

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