How Stupid Could we get? Cedar Point 5/19/04

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Trip Report – Cedar Point – 5/19/04

It all started with a decision to go gambling. A little blackjack and dollar drafts where in the works so the threesome hopped in the car and drove about 2 hours over to Iowa. Lost more money then gained overall in the group, and our alcohol privileges were revoked on account of one of my buddies purchased a beverage for another buddy while he was sitting at a table. Guess that was a big no no, and it was cool, except they treated us like criminals (with security and what not).

We decide to hit the ATM and find some bars, and noticed an odd looking substance on the ground at the ATM. The last words out of his mouth were “I just have to know”. One smell later, and he was gagging. We laughed our asses off about it for at least twenty minutes. Two little townie bars later, and we decide there is nothing in the town of Morrison IL, and move on. Its getting to be about 12 midnight, and the bars are going to be closing soon. I don’t remember quite how it came up, but someone says: “Let’s go to Cedar Point!” Sixty six percent of the group was gung ho, while the other 33 percent (me) was reluctant for obvious reasons. Well majority rules, we fuelled up and started on the seven hour drive east. While our drive was pretty uneventful, we fought off the sleep with coffee, and the occasional sing along to an oldie song with the words being changed to reflect the fact that we were driving 7 hours to go ride rollercoaster’s.

We reach the park, what a beautiful sight. This was the first trip for my friends, and approaching the park was like finding the holy grail. Their jaws were on the floor, and the memories flood me as it was only two years ago I worked and lived in this beautiful park. We are the first ones in the parking lot, and sleep is on the agenda. It does not happen of course, we are way too excited. We buy our tickets and stand in line. We watch the Dragster make its morning runs. We are pumped.Our first ride was Raptor, we waited two trains for the front row. My friends loved it, and for me, it was a trip down memory lane. We decide to go streaking. No wait, what a great ride for being a few days shy of 40 years old. We walk on the back row of the Twister. Seems like it was juiced up since I rode it opening year. Real fast, real high. One friend loved it, the other almost lost his crackers. Took another trip near the front of the train, then headed over and did the Dragon. Then it was time for the big stuff. Millennium force was probably a half hour, hopped in line. My friends were amazed by the look of this coaster, and equally happy with the ride. Took a spin on the Mantis and headed over to the dragster. This thing looks spectacular. I was not prepared to see a train move that fast. We walked on to Magnum real quick as it was a walk on, and then got in line for the big boy. We had a minor setback with a thirty minute break down, then almost every train was rolling back loaded. We stuck it out, got on in the front row, and wow. Nothing more to say than that. Words can’t do that ride justice. We did the power tower up and down, said goodbye to the park with a spin on the Transport, and started our journey home.

The drive home was torturous. Coffee didn’t seem to have the same effect anymore. We made a couple stops for power naps, and that helped a little bit, but fact is we were pushing it. Tired, grumpy, and smelling awful, we made it home in time to catch the 9 o’clock news, but I don’t think anyone watched it. It was a great trip, and hopefully we will do it again sometime (and get a hotel room).

Disclaimer: I understand it is unsafe to drive while tired. I understand it is unsafe to drive after drinking. As the driver, I was most likely under the legal limit at all times, and we always had at least two people awake.

Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed doing it :)

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Nowadays driving from Charleston to King's Island KILLS me, and that's 3 1/2 hours. Nowadays I have to sleep.....somewhere.

Man, I don't see how you guys did it, but I am glad you are OK and judging from your TR it was well worth it! :-)


Great TR. That sure was a long trip. At least you stopped and took a few naps. It's the people who don't stop when they can't stay awake who are the problem.

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A three and a half hour drive kills you? Sheesh... When I was an Army captain at Fort Hood, every weekend I wasn't in the field I was either driving to SFOT, SFFT/SWT or SFAstro (what is that abbreiviation? I forget...)... Pretty much all of them were at least three hours away (Houston was farthest).

You know, Texas has some great rides, but it was too damn hot. I hope I never have to live there again!


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It's the drive "home" that kills me, at least in my case. The last thing I want to do at the end of the day while visiting a park is drive home. The last time I tried that I had to fight to stay awake, and it got dangerous at some points. Some people can do it safely and I applaud them. :-)


Glad you guys had fun Patrick. CP is definitely worth that drive. Reminds me of being at SFWoA last summer and deciding to drive home to Nashville after I left the park. Whew that was crazy, but then again I did the same thing after going to SFStL.

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Whenever I end up doing a multi-hour day trip, I always plan to leave the park before closing, but can never do it. Planning to leave at 7 but riding 'til 10 instead greatly inhibits your ability to do a 4 hr drive.

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I used to leave parks early to drive home, like PKI or CP or any park that is within 4-5 hours from me. Nowadays I can't even do that........I have to crash.


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Into what? ;)
Andy: that's why I plan to leave at five. By the time seven rolls around, I'm already "really late" and have to leave.

And that's with only a 2+ hour drive. Man, I'm older than dirt.

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