How Many Coasters will you ride in 2009?

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My Daughter & I have become hooked on coasters and other thrill rides.

After hitting WDW, KI & CP we started looking at the number of coasters that we had already ridden. Then we got the grand idea to try to ride 100 different coasters this year.

I know that some may scoff and call us beginners for such a mild goal. I saw a post here where the poster had planned close to 300 different ones. I don't have that much time or money.

So how many coasters will you ride in 2009?

BTW, I am not talking ride count but different rides. I how ever do count racing coasters like Racer, Rebel Yell & Gemini as 2 coasters if you ride both sides.

My son and I rode over 100 last year and should do about the same this year. We have 35 new credits so far this year.

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Dave, unless you have unlimited time and recources, I think 100 different coasters in a single season sounds like a lot, and a good number to shoot for. Of course, as you no doubt have already figured out, hitting the parks with the largest number of rides (like CP and KI) make it easier.

I am a coaster counter, and there are some pitfalls. We've all felt the sting of disappointment when we get to a new park and a particular ride is down for the day. It's especially bad if it's a park that's far away, or difficult to get to, and it's unlikely we'll be back any time soon.

I've also wasted a lot of time at a new park waiting in a long line for a "lame" ride, or maybe a production model that i've ridden elsewhere, because I HAD to get the CREDIT! (LaRonde and Darien were good examples)

So my advice to you and your daughter is to go, have a great time, build memories, and shoot for that 100 total. But don't sweat it, or make yourselves crazy worrying about it!

Spring of 2008 my wife tore up her knee (ACL tear, LCL tear, broken fibula) in a fall at work, so that (and an incompetent / negligent doctor who did not look at her MRI for TWO FREANING MONTHS) put her off her feet for the summer which meant our park visits were done for the year. I did manage to get to Hershey with the rest of the family once and then again for Hersheypark in the Dark... so only 10 coasters last year.

Since my wife is now recovering from reconstructive knee surgery (done after 6 months of physical therapy and a year and a week to the day of her fall) and with my vacation days (truned into Dr Appointment / Hospital days) dwindled down to 5) looks like Hershey might be the only park gotten to this year as well. Maybe a Dorney visit later in the summer. I would at least like to do a weekend trip to Waldameer for Ravine Flyer II as well.

So, all that being said... somewhere between 10 and 20 coasters. I will be happy if I get Ravine Flyer II at the very minimum.

Oh well... the coasters aren't all that important. Just as long as my wife gets back on her feet again and soon... 15 months is just too long.

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Sounds like a great goal to me! I have a little over 100 credits, and I've been riding my whole life (which really hasn't been that long...but still)!

So far this year, I've been to SFStL, Holiday World, KI, and I've ridden 24 this season. I'm heading to Cedar Point on June 9th-11th, and will hit SFKK, Beech Bend, Indiana Beach, and maybe Camden Park throughout the summer.

I won't reach 100, but I'll be satisfied with whatever I do get to ride.

Have fun!

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Thanks RCMAC. We have already been to KI and this last trip we rode everyone of their coasters with the exception on Little Bills Giggle Coaster as you have to ride with someone smaller then my kids. We have a few more to get at CP because TTD was only running speraticly on our last trip. CoasterMania should take care of this.

Currently we have a trips planned for the following

Kings Dominion & Busch Gardens Europe

Hershey & Dorney

Canada's Wonderland


Holiday World

Walt Disney World for the 2nd time this year I may just try to squeeze in a IOA/US day.

I have also been considering getting Six Flags Season passes. They are so cheap, but I worry that you get what you pay for.

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I've ridden every coaster KI has ever had, with the exception of Little Bills. Once, on a REALLY slow day there was no one in line and i went through the station and climbed in .The ride op said no, I needed a kid. I've been on Miler junior coasters at other parks, and I fit, so I was hoping due to the fact that the ride was empty they'd turn their head. No. So there is still a needed credit. (see what i mean?)

If you plan to visit SF a couple/three times your season pass is worth it, especially since once you get in you might need to spend money on that fast lane thing. (it saved our lives at SFOT once) But I see you're in central OH, as I am. Will SFKK be your destination then? Hmmm...

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I finally rode Taxi Jam at KD on Memorial Day with my son (his first coaster), which was a silly personal accomplishment for me. I can now say I've ridden every coaster that park has ever had, past or present. ;)

It was worth the wait, but not for my sake. It was such a cool thing taking my almost-3-year-old on it and watching him have so much fun.

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That's cool, Vater. Never having had kids of my own, I've been forced to suffer the embarrasment of being the biggest single guy on many a kids ride! I've also been known to "borrow" a kid, like I did for Jr Gemini and the House on Boo Hill. Oh well. Maybe one day I'll find a little one who will take me on Little Bill so my list will be complete!

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Ehhhh, I'll get to what I get to. Even when I'm at WDW, I'd rather play at epcot than try and ride all of the coasters. [Old] Space Mountain is [was] the exception. Matterhorn at DL.

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RCMAC said:
I am a coaster counter, and there are some pitfalls. We've all felt the sting of disappointment when we get to a new park and a particular ride is down for the day. It's especially bad if it's a park that's far away, or difficult to get to, and it's unlikely we'll be back any time soon.

I feel your pain there, a couple years ago I by chance won airline tickets at work and took my golden opportunity to hit up Knott's and SFMM in the few days I could get away between semesters. While the trip was good overall we did not get to ride X. I wasn't suprised it was down given the reputation, but knowing it may be years before I get the chance to go back west made it quite dissapointing to not get on.

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We got our credit on Jr. Gemini. We did like you suggested and borrowed someone that was able to ride. This ended up being very special.

We waited at the exit and saw 2 adults in one seat and 2 small kids behind them. We assumed that the adults were with the kids. When they got off the ride we talked to the adults and explained that we were trying to ride 100 different coasters this season and that we needed someone to ride with.

One of the adult said that she was riding with her sister Kim, who is 32 but has the mentality of a 7 year old. Kim was excited to ride with us and help us with our goal. She was having a great day a Cedar Point and was enjoying the Camp Snoopy area. We talked a bit about her favorite rides and gave each other high 5s at the end of the ride. While she was riding with my daughter I had a chance to talk with her dad who does not ride. He was thanked us for taking her on more rides as her sister went off to ride some of the big rides.

I only wish there had been a gift shop near Jr Gemini where we could have gone and gotten her a T-Shirt to remember her trip. She really touched our heart.

Thanks Kim.

More than 1.

Anyone else think its borderline creepy to ask a complete stranger to "borrow" their child so you can get a credit? Not only for the parents, but also the child as well? I know I do.

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Not as many as I usually do. I have only been to KI and HW this year, and probably won't go anywhere else till September. Priorities have shifted this year. ;)

This is my "slowest" year since like 1998.


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While it could be considered "creepy", it's something some of us have to deal with if we want to get a ride in Jr. Gemini.

When I worked at the park, I just couldn't find the right chance to get to test the ride out in the mornings. I finally decided that I was going to go for it, and ask a stranger if I could borrow their kid. I gave them my Drivers License and name tag to hold on to, and promised the boy $5 after the ride.

Now that I think about it, it IS a little at least I got the credit.

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I think this might have been a little easier for me since I had my 12 year old daughter with me. I doubt that I would have done this without her. Of course I would not be doing this whole Year of the Coaster without her.

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Well last year I went on 100 roller coasters in 20 parks. I would say this year around the same or more (I HOPE!)
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I know several other people who have done that. It's a win-win situation. You get your credit and the kid gets a few bucks!

Too bad that doesn't work for adults! "Ride Partner: $5 Per Ride!" :)


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