How many Buzzers won?

Was just curious how many of you won a free ticket Super Bowl Sunday via the Universal Studios Orlando giveaway? I just got my e-mail that I was one of them today!


I got one. Not sure if I'll use it, as I've been to Uni both of the last two years so we're due for a Disney trip, and I'll want to go to Universal sometime soon after Harry Potter opens. If i could use it in LA I'd be more likely to make good of it.
I wonder what % will actually be redeemed.

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See, that's the trick. On average for every ticket actually redeemed, they will sell at least one more, if not three more. There is a reason for that "one per household" restriction.

Incidentally, yes, I got one. Don't know if I'll use it. I wonder if they can be transferred between households.......

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I also received one. Gee, were we the only ones entering?

Not really sure if and when I'll get to use it either. Five of us are going to DW in June as part of the buy 4, get 3 free deal and I had already told my nephew we weren't going to Universal during that time since that would be like leaving money on the table in my mind.

It would be nice to use if I could make my first trip to HHN in the fall and use it for my time in the parks during the day.

I got one and will be using it in November. It would've been nice if more than one per household could win, but like Dave said that's where they will make their money. I have a free ticket but still have to buy one for my husband and daughter. Still saving me about $100.

My wife and I got one (via also her mom's home.) We will be using them during Halloween so we can also check that out the first time. While we might have to pay a little extra for the Hallloween event, the tickets are free for the 7 days, which is great! Now to find some cheap airfare for that time.

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I'm a winner!

I'd like to get down there at some point this year, but between the honeymoon and IAAPA in Vegas, I'm taking a lot of expensive trips this year. Although, I don't know how I can pass up the new ride.

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Long time lurker, first time poster. I also won, plan on using the ticket either for spring break when we take our daughter to WDW or in October for HHN.

It was revealed that there were three windows, one after each commercial airing. Spots aired at noon, around 6pm, and again at halftime. It was also revealed that not all of the tickets were awarded after the third spot, so if you filled out their form anytime after the third spot ran and before Noon on Monday, then you must have been a winner.

It's an interesting promotion. It will be interesting to see how it goes for them.

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

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Great. I'm the only loser here.


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I'm a loser too. But I didn't enter so I don't know if that makes me more or less of a loser.

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That just makes you an unintentional loser. :)

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I entered around 5:30pm and didn't win. We have annual passes anyway, so if they really are completely non-transferrable, then it wasn't going to do us any good either way...

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I won and I entered my mom and she won. Now if I just had the money to get down there. I'm laid off at the moment so I have plenty of time.

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By the way I entered during the first of the game. I tried again the next time and the site was too busy.

I registered at 12 Noon on Super Bowl Sunday pregame show. I figured not too many people would be watching then and my odds were better! Guess I was right!


I got my email yesterday
In the email they ask you to bring ID so you can show you are the person on ticket voucher
I entered about 3:30
I may run down for a long weekend to check out the new coaster
I was really hoping the deal would be for annual passes
I got mine last time when they did buy one get second year free so I bought four stayed on property 4 times (with the AP discount About 139.00 a night)
or if they would offer fla pricing to people who live 20 mile over border.

I wonder if you can upgrade to a annual pass while in the park on this free ticket :)

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I won as well. My girlfriend also won.

We both did it durring the first commercial.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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I entered too late, but I wasn't planning on going to Florida this year anyway. :)

My roommate and I both entered (used her parents' address, since she hasn't officially switched it yet,) about five minutes apart Sunday night. I got an email that I won but she didn't. Hopefully the email just went astray... would love an excuse to head back to Orlando this year!

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I won also.

The rules state that the ticket can not be used to upgrade to any other Universal ticket, so upgrading to an Annual Pass is out unless they have no means in place for preventing the upgrade from occurring.

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