How long is long enough??

Saturday, April 10, 2004 9:43 PM
W/ all the coasters around what would you say is a long enough coaster ride. Me, i wouldnt wanna stay on a coaster that long cause it may get boring to me. I would rather have a intense short ride than a long mellow ride.

Besides, i think it would make people want to get back in line to experience it because they got a taste and they want more!!

Tell me what you think of a good time for a coaster and why....

Sunday, April 11, 2004 2:15 AM
2 minutes, 3 seconds...because 2 minutes 2 seconds isn't enough and 2 minutes 4 seconds is too much.

Seriously, though, in my opinion its not the ride time but the ride experience. I don't care if a ride is 30 seconds or 3 minutes, so long as I'm entertained from start to finish. As an example, I have much more fun on Montezooma's Revenge's 40 second ride than I do on Beast's 5+ min ride.

Sunday, April 11, 2004 2:30 AM
I agree with Moosh. As long as I'm entertained I don't care how long the ride lasts. If I'm in pain or just plain bored then even a short coaster is too long.
Sunday, April 11, 2004 7:32 AM
Depends on how good it is and how many elements it has in it's length.

Forgive me If many don't agree but MF is all about the drop and speed and speed alone gets boring after about the first 30 seconds. S:ROS at SFNE is much shorter but has 5 Major hills, Undrground tunnels and bunny hops which I consider a much better ride.

Some might say Raven is too short. Not me, PERFECT for it's size. There is not a momement waisted on Raven and even the dull part (Leading to the lifthill is greeted bye a friendly Stewardess/Steward :)

Chuck, who thinks how long a coaster can keep it's intensity is a major factor on how long it should be. *** Edited 4/11/2004 11:33:37 AM UTC by Charles Nungester***

Sunday, April 11, 2004 9:07 AM
I like the entertainer's philosophy of "always leave 'em wanting more." However, there should be a corollary to that stating, "but don't futz around at the end."

Three examples from SFGAm:

I always thought Shockwave should've had a high-speed helix at the end... or something. Instead, there was just a low-speed bunny hill, and the train kind of meandered a long way back to the station.

Of course, the Eagle has helices at the end, but I never experienced them full-speed. Or even half-speed. It's a nice idea, but it kills the pacing if they're not taken fast.

Go figure, it's the Whizzer that ends perfectly with a fast, ground-hugging helix. Well done, Anton!


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