How is Voyage gonna run 3 trains without mcbr?

Monday, October 10, 2005 11:58 AM
Assuming there isn't a block brake before the triple down, or anywhere else on the course, how exactly will 3 trains run? I guess the lift hill is long enough and slow enough that they can send a train out even if the other train is only halfway through the course. Any thoughts?
Monday, October 10, 2005 12:03 PM
"[S]end[ing] a train out even if the other train is only halfway through the course" is something that would not happen. What happens if that train stops mid-course?

*knocks on wood*

Edit: Sorry... I was thinking of dropping it off the lift. ;-)

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Monday, October 10, 2005 12:09 PM
I think it does have a midcourse...?

And he means that a train would be on the lift while the other is still finishing up.

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Monday, October 10, 2005 12:16 PM
There is a block at the top of the triple down. In the video it doesn't make sense that there could actually be a block there, but in person it's clear how much height you've got at that point (the highest terrain on the ride)

I think it also has two block zones at the end, so there can be a train still in the station with two stacked behind.

Monday, October 10, 2005 12:34 PM
Well if you look at all the zones you gonna have lift, brake area 1, brake area 2 and station.
Monday, October 10, 2005 12:45 PM
This is just my idea of how it may work

Perfect timing, PLC sensors, speed sensitive lift, and a brake run that can accommodate more then one train.

One train on return run, one train on lift, one train in loading.

Once the train passes the (dummy block) long flat section where it looks like the MCBR would be, it's all down hill from there. There is no way that train is going to stop mid course unless the wheels fall off. Remember Will and Paula both stated the train will approach the final brake run doing about 50mph. Theres like a 100 foot difference from the station to the top of the hill, trust that train will be flying on the return run.

Monday, October 10, 2005 12:53 PM
There is a block brake between the turnaround and the triple down (as Themedesigner said). It has also been confirmed that it will not be used as a trim. It will only be activated as an emergency stop location.

To rely on stacking of trains as the lone block area will reduce the throughput of the ride, hence the MCBR that will allow two trains out and one in the station. *** Edited 10/10/2005 5:02:20 PM UTC by redman822***

Monday, October 10, 2005 12:59 PM
Magnum & Millenium both run 3 trains with no MCBR. The trains just stack behind the station.

There seems to be a flat, relatively high section on the return trip that could have a MCBR, though the animation doesn't show one there...

Monday, October 10, 2005 1:29 PM
It doesn't "seem to be" at all. That is where the mid-course will be, and it will not be used to trim. Paula has mentioned it here and it was mentioned by the Holiday World staff on the construction tour.
Monday, October 10, 2005 3:06 PM
From what I understand, The Block area is aprox 100ft above the station heigh, This coaster is gonna be moving with or without the block being used and the block will probably only kick in only if the first of two pre station blocks is not clear.

IMHO normal operation will probably be two trains with maybe three on saturdays.

Im telling ya, IF the SRM crowd of 2003 showed up there would be a max wait of 10 minutes for any of the coasters 900+

With Raven and Legend both running two trains and a new coaster with at least two trains running, Any day at HW could be like ERT conditions.

Chuck, who hopes attendance continues to rise so we can get that inverted woodie that ARN&R rumors them to get.

Monday, October 10, 2005 4:22 PM
Three words: "continuous circuit mode."

Everyone knows that's how real designers plan rides!

Monday, October 10, 2005 4:35 PM
MF is a bad example because it has two stations and it always stacks, but hopefully this ride will run like Magnum. If the ride does stop on the MCBR, I wonder how much speed it will have by the time it hits the second 90* bank.
Monday, October 10, 2005 9:20 PM
If it's designed in a logical way, it would never have to stop in the MCBR except for in an e-stop situation. The MCBR is only there to allow for faster dispatching (the block after the lift clears faster), then there should be two blocks immediately behind the station so that all three trains can stack if trains aren't dispatched fast enough.
Tuesday, October 11, 2005 12:11 AM
clearly, just like Magnum, The lifthill on this thing will be a block by itself

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