How is Blue Fire at Europa Park?

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Looks great! And lookie there, a big fast, upside-down-y coaster with only lapbars. How cool :) I wonder how it rides? There are some great POV videos of it floating around, but how does it feel?

I like that restraint system! I think that Maverick could
benefit from a restraint system like that!

Or Intimidator 305....

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That is one fierce looking ride. Is Europa park the Mack rides showcase center? With the exception of Silverstar, it looks like every ride is made from them. Very cool!

Europa Park is *owned* by Mack, isn't it?

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It is. Given the success they've had with the park (4+ million visitors a year), it's surprising that more ride manufacturers haven't caught on. It's a huge revenue generator as well as an easy way to get new rides into operation for other park operators to experience.

It's a great ride! The trains are incredibly comfortable and the layout is fantastic without being overly intense. The launch is good... better than say Mr. Freeze, worse than any hydraulic launcher. The hammerhead/tophat thing is a bit odd, but otherwise the layout is very well paced and generally loads of fun. The barrel roll at the end is particularly awesome because it delivers what is basically inverted-twisting-ejector-air, unhindered by such pesky nonsense as OTSRs.

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