How far is too far to get to a park?

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I find that I have no set time limit for this. I live right in between Baltimore and D.C., so I'm within 3 hours of 6 major parks. Dorney, SFGAdv, and BGW are all at the 3 hour mark, and as such they don't get visits from me but once every few years. Hershey and KD are both at 2, and unless I simply slack off and don't put any effort into planning, one of those two gets a visit each year from me.

That said, how I'm traveling makes a difference in time commitment. I work for an airline, and I've shot out of Baltimore to Louisville for an afternoon at SFKK, for example. The travel time from my house to the airport, waiting for my flight, flying, and getting to the park from the airport might be 3 hours each way, but as flying requires no effort on my part but to sit in my seat and relax, I'd do that more happily than drive 2 hours to a park. I've day-tripped from Baltimore to Hartford (SFNE) and Tampa (BGT) as well. Denver was my farthest day trip, but I didn't actually go to a park.

With that said, while I'm definitely all about hitting a lot of coasters and numerous repeat rides on the good ones, I enjoy turning almost any park into an overnight where I can take my time and move at a slower pace. I like. Some of my favorite trips have been quick overnights to Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, etc.

Honestly, I've found that working for an airline, I've been able to enjoy the hobby far better than I ever did actually working at parks.

Ultimately, though, I'd say that outside of the 6 major parks near where I live, I'd take the flight any day of the week and twice on Sundays over driving.

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Timber-Rider said:

The 80/90 going to Cedar Point from Michigan could be classified as a thrill ride all by itself.

There you go. MiAdv finally got it's newest thrill ride, and now we don't have to hear about it again for another 10 years!!

I wonder what it's capacity is like??

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I'm not sure he even realizes that the person he was replying to/addressing in his post isn't even from this country.

I'm convinced he not only doesn't realize there is life outside of Michigan, but he also doesn't realize the world isn't just limited to 'Merrika.

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I laugh at people who always has to one-up someone else's story. "OH? You think THAT's a long drive? Let me tell you how far IIIII had to drive this one time." lol

...Laugh at, in a friendly way... :)

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That ain't nothin'...

I think I've linked to that clip before, but it's a perfect description for a person I know. And no, I'm not talking about Timber-Rider.

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ooh! I hope it's meeeeeee!

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