how do you ride your own tracks?

How do you?
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Reading the Help Guide will help you sort everything out.  Creating tracks consists of adding Verticies, manipulating the Control Ponits for those Verticies to shape the Segments how you want them, configuring the Segments, then adding Supports.  Instructions on how to do each of these tasks are all in the Help Guide.


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first, make sure that your track connects.  its not enough to put one vertex over another, you have to use the connect option (available under edit or right click on a vertex)  afterwards, a stoplight will become enabled.  hit it.  that will start the ride.  to ride in 1st person either hit the 3d picture in picture and the ride on coaster buttons, or switch to the 3d view and, again, hit the ride on coaster button.
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can you ride your tracks in the simulator?

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