How do you ride the Blue Flash in Indiana?

My coaster riding buddy and I would really like to ride this home made creation but we don't know how. Last year we saw that on Negative G it listed a phone number so we called it several times but got no response. After doing our own research we found a number we thought to be John Ivers but it turned out to be his neighbor. When we asked her for his number she said it was unlisted and she didn't think he'd be interested in letting us ride the coaster.

This puzzles me because I have seen several people on message boards with pictures of them riding the coaster. I also saw John on a show and he said he loves it when people come from all over to ride his creation. So what gives? How do we contact him and set up a date? Does he not do rides anymore?

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I've heard that's he had a lot of trouble with people showing up unannounced and trying to ride it without his permission. Plus his insurer made a fuss, so it's not as "open" as it once was.

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Wow. Must be cool to be able to just erect a homemade amusement ride where you live.

In the township I live in, your'e not even allowed to have a vehicle without a current inspection and registration on your own private property without a cover over it, or it's considered an "abandoned vehicle".

I would love to see the look on the building inspector/zoning board's faces if a homemade roller coaster popped up in someone's back yard! :)

I can't believe people showed up and tried to ride it without stupid. I didn't realize this thing was in Indiana...where about in Indiana is it?

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What a day it would be if we could get "ERT"...and that E would not be for exclusive...maybe elusive in this case.

Its located somewhere near the middle of Indiana I forget the exact city because it was 2 years ago that we tried to contact him.

Its located somewhere near the middle of Indiana I forget the exact city because it was 2 years ago that we tried to contact him.

He's about 10 miles north of Vincennes, IN on US-41 but yeah if hes neighbor (I think it's his Mom next door) says he's tired of people just showing up it's probably best to leave him alone. Still don't worry too much about the credit as it will beat the hell out of you. I ended up with a migraine that hurt so bad that it had me stopping several rimes on the 2 hour ride back to Santa Claus to hurl.

Have Fun

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Paul, if you ever decide to create a site dedicated to Blue Flash, I think 'Positive-G' would be fitting. ;)

Not that I've ridden it, but man that loop is small.

And yes, I'm sure Mr. Ivers enjoyed when people would come and ride it, however with the mass publicity the coaster has had over the last several years, I can only imagine what a pain it would be to put up with people constantly invading your privacy. Best to not pursue this credit.

Blue Flash would be a nice credit to have.
We actually tried to get a hold of John last year when we went to Holliwood Nights, but had no luck.

Blue Flash looks sweet, but i would rather ride this thing here.

GCI Coasters + Millennium Flyer Trains = Love!


I'm surprised the owner lets anyone ride it. The way people refuse to accept responsibility for anything they do, I'd be afraid of someone getting hurt and suing me. Not that I'd be able to get away with building a backyard coaster here in NJ anyway. I think the local officials would have something to say about something of that nature.
Blue Flash is near Bruceville, Indiana. It is just north of Vincennes. It sits on a farm the lift hill uses an old barn.
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I would not try to just show up....You may get a police escort home or somewhere else much worse.

Blue Flash (and Blue Too) have been retired.

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I can't believe that no one was seriously hurt by those things, but those probably rank among the coolest maker projects ever.

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He built that for $1500? I'd have expected another zero on there just for all the steel.


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Secretly closed them after the season ends without giving us a chance to say goodbye... sounds a lot like he built them just to close them.

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Can we get a youtuber to illegally climb them and post incriminating pictures online?

And just because it's what everybody says anytime a coaster is closed: "These would fit in great at Knoebels."

Um.... I was gonna say Dorney...

kpjb said:

He built that for $1500? I'd have expected another zero on there just for all the steel.

Maybe scrap metal from other projects? I was surprised, too.

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