How did HAUNT at Valleyfair do?

For those of you up in the frozen north, how did Valleyfair do this Halloween season? Was it very busy? How were the haunts?

Just seems like nobody has mentioned it that much which makes me wonder if anyone actually went.

I was seriously considering going as part of my annual tour of Halloween events since I had a Cedar Fair pass that I used at Cedar Point, Worlds Of Fun, and Geauga Lake (Octoberfest event which has "Halloweekend" - caliber night hours for coastering).

However, the park representitive who I spoke with on the phone when I called for information said Excalibur would not run at all for the event, and High Roller would "probably" not run after dark in order to accomadate a "haunted" type attraction.

Since I do these events mainly to get extra time to ride coasters after dark than you would get in summer, and since with only one of the "Big Three" coasters I was most interested in operating at night (the hyper), but one not open at night, and one not open at all, I went to Hersheypark instead with that extra weekend and loved it!

If the info I was told about the coasters being closed for Valleyfair's haunt is inaccurate, hopefully someone who was there will post and let us know ;)

(Other parks visited on my fall tour were King's Island, King's Dominion, Busch Gardens Europe, Conneaut Lake, and it kicked off with Myrtle Beach Pavillion and Family Kingdom in early September before the Halloween events got started. LOT'S of new "credits" and new experiences for me :) ) *** Edited 11/2/2006 2:08:20 PM UTC by Frontrider***

It was o.k.
It was perfect when we went, but it wasn't that fun. It had maybe one scary haunted house, and the rest was lame. But it was still cool.

They're doing it next year too.

The night I was there (10/14) High Roller was running all night.

And I argree, it wasnt really all the scary... but it was cool to see the park all set up the way it was.

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This was the first year that Valleyfair! did a Halloween theme. I think there is definitely a learning curve with these promotions. Cold weather hampered attendance, although it's been cold throughout the upper midwest. The first weekend had great weather, but since then it has been extremely cold, even by Minnesota standards. *** Edited 11/2/2006 10:49:30 PM UTC by sws***
^That was the reason why they quit doing Halloweekends at the park in the first place was the fact that it gets cold so quick in MN.
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Hopefully VF won't give up on the concept and give it another try next year. The weather was an exception this year and even this weekend looks much better, although too late to help VF attendance. With Renegade openning next season, there's another reason to extend the season. Swoosh, it looks like you're near WoF. We were thinking about making a road trip there next October. How is WoF's Halloween weekends?


Well according to Mr. Kinzel we have the best Asylum in the chain. It was also heard through the grape vine that WOF will receive quite a bit of money to enhance their Halloweekends next season as I guess the big brass were very impressed when the visited our event -- even getting scared a few times in the bigger haunts.

Also rumor has it Carnival of Carnivorous Clowns is coming back next year as well as another new haunt.

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