How can I raise funds for Coasting for Kids?

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I just registered to participate in Coasting for Kids at Dorney on June 8. Any ideas on how to raise the $75 minimum required to participate? I don't know many people well enough to send an email trying to hit them up for money.


Work/school and family is a good start. Perhaps neighbors, friends of friends/family, people you always see at [insert hobby/activity/sport] you see regularly, etc

You have to remember that they're not really giving "you" the money, it's about raising funds for the cause. It's also taxable, so that could be used as an incentive

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You mean tax deductible, though not everyone (especially renters) do itemized deductions.

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Are you on Facebook? My primary method is simply to share the link on Facebook, starting a month before the event. Then I only post it once a week so as not to inundate people's news feeds, and one last time just before the deadline. Sometimes people wait till the last minute if they're on the fence about donating, and it helps if they see other people they know have already contributed, or that you're close to a specific goal.

I also remind people that small donations are fine too, and I've had a number of $5 and $10 donations in the past. Just 8 people could get you to that $75!

As far as emailing, I do a mass (blind carbon copied) email rather than individual ones, because I think it's a little less in-your-face. I always end up with a few surprises from people I wouldn't have expected. (And the following year, I send a separate email to those who contributed previously, thanking them again for the prior year and asking if they'll support again.)

Also, some people prefer to write a personal check, so remind them that's OK but you'll need to turn it in on the day of the event.

Good luck!!

Also, I'd recommend getting your link or at least your username for the event posted here. I've had three Buzzers donate to my page, and I've donated to three or four Buzzers as well.

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Thanks, all! These are all good ideas. I AM on Facebook and posted something about this over the weekend but don't know whether I included the link (will check later, as Facebook is banned here at work). And I didn't know that people could donate as little as $5 or $10, as it would appear that $25 is the minimum for online donations. I plan to email a dozen or more people and keep changing my mind about whom to contact, afraid that some will be pissed off at me although I may be selling them short. Not sure what I can do on this site, as I am not currently a member of Coaster Buzz and cannot afford to join at this time unless I get the part-time job I applied for at Six Flags. (This is sort of off topic, but the online Six Flags job application is longer than any job application I've ever filled out and I was surprised to discover that Six Flags will not hire anyone with visible tattoos.)


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All you have to do is ask people here on CoasterBuzz for donations. The only benefit for joining CoasterBuzz Club is an ad-free website and being able to attend club events, and a discount at Holiday world too.

You should join anyways. People can find $25 in change in the cushions of their couch. lol

I'm no longer a Coasterbuzz member. That doesn't matter in terms of donations for CFK. I for one will make every effort to donate to your page, and if you can donate something back, I'll appreciate it but don't expect it. PM me with details.

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For what it's worth, here's the link to my page:

Thanks for all the advice.


If anyone would like to help by donating, or spreading my link, I'd be very appreciative. And thanks for all the advice.

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