Housing is full of dumass ****en people who likes to steal peoples stuff and break peoples stuff and when the cops so up they they to change the reason why they called to something out of the blue so that they can try to get people kicked out and have the room to their self and then they act so much immature and have partys when people trys to sleep and while people r asleep then they have bugs in housing and they suspect u to live in a filthy environment if something needs fixed its sometimes never fixed and u have to fix it your self then if u bring alcohol in u cant bring anything more than 6 bottles the cedarpoint police is there to haress u and get evicted so the idea is that housing is ****en ****

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That was a really long sentence.

Cole Mingo

(AKA Barry Allen and Niles Crane amalgamated).

Was that even in English?

And how is this related to amusement parks/rollercoasters?

Disk-os and super loops are my favorite coasters.

I'll go out on a limb and say it has to do with Cedar Point and the OP got his sites confused.

The nerve of Cedar Point housing (assuming this is what the poster is talking about) asking you to abide by the rules you agreed to when you signed your employment and housing contracts.

Also, for someone accusing everyone else of being a dumb you know what, let's count the grammatical and spelling errors in that asinine post. I'm in double digits.

Closed topic.

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