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Hello all!

Just got back from one of the BEST PPP's ever - if for nothing more than the fact that for the first time since we started going there was NO RAIN!

Anyways, question for those more in the know. What are the houses/homes/cottages that are scattered around the park? Specifically, I'm thinking of the 2-3 houses that are near the bridge to the Twister, and the one house right across from Gasoline Alley (antique cars).

Are these administration offices? Cottages that people rent? Housing for staff? We've always been curious and since none of them are labeled it's hard to know.

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I'm under the impression that one of them is Dick Knoebel's, but I'll let the experts follow through on that.
Don't know for certain, but I thought the ones over toward Twister are privately owned cottages surrounded by park-owned land.

The road coming from 487 through the campground (the "old way in") is technically a state road up to the bridge over the Roaring Creek. It has state signage on it up to that point. *** Edited 10/9/2006 5:18:58 PM UTC by RatherGoodBear***

I'm pretty sure one or two of them near the Twister bridge are either storage or offices. After the flood this year I saw a pile of soaked brocures around them. The house near Fandango and Phoenix with the white fence is one of Dick's relatives. Dick lives up the road further near the lumber company enterance.
Coasterpunk, was that you that killed that Lusse Saturday nite?
Well the cottage just to the right of the bridge heading toward Twister comes complete with dog house, barking dog, and beware of dog sign.
Unfortunately I missed out on PPP for Iron Maiden. I was at the park from noon till close on Sunday though!

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