Hotel Breakers renovations underway at Cedar Point

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Renovations have begun on the historic Hotel Breakers at Cedar Point, which is part of a $60 million, three-year reinvestment in the three hotel properties located at or near the Sandusky amusement park.

Read more from The Toledo Blade.

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New beds and linens would be a welcome update but I am not overly hopeful.

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Be hopeful. I don't know if Breakers will have them this year, but I believe Lighthouse Point will. That was the preliminary plan I had heard.

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It is hard to belive that Breakers East is nearly 20 years old. I had still been hearing that it is possible that the end of Bon Air may be near...even though they did some interior renovations there not that long ago. That area would be nice for a modern addition but also may be nice for another small expansion to Soak City. It will be interesting to see what comes of it.

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It makes one wonder how Hotel Breakers would have been expanded under Matt Ouimet's leadership. As it is today, from an aesthetic standpoint the two additions feel out of balance and hardly pleasing to the eye. There is only so much this renovation can do but hopefully it will pull things together a bit so it doesn't appear so generic and frankly, ugly.

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I really don't care what it looks like from the outside so long as the experience of staying there gets a little closer to the cost of the room.

I'm hoping it doesn't get much more generic than it is. If memory serves, the one decent rendering we've seen of the 'new' exterior doesn't appear to feature many changes to the structure, but merely refreshes it with paint, new awnings, flags, etc. The new roof is most important, and I reckon it will be that metal roofing we see on most buildings at the point - applied to withstand the harsh off-season weather.

The Breakers holds a lot of history, and as much as I value that, I'm glad that the hotel will be modernized. The eastern remodel and the tower were necessary additions, not only to add rooms but make at least part of the place accessible, and I like how they turned out. As far as the classic lines of the original structure, today's modern visitor will appreciate better amenities than they would the original configuration. What was classy back then isn't much compared to what guests expect today.

But these things should be done carefully. I'm most anxious to know more about the plans for the interior. The thing that's always gone against the place is that it's seasonal, and I would imagine there's a threshold to expenditures required to make it fabulous. While the Breakers will never be the Grand Floridian or Macinac's Grand Hotel, those places are great examples of modern convenience and focus on customer experience while keeping the feel of a classic place with older, traditional architecture and design. I hope Cedar Point pays attention to that aspect during the remodel, and doesnt miss a great opportunity to turn the place into a showcase. If the lobby winds up looking like the Express, Sandcastle, or Castaway I'm going to be really pissed.

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