Hot Wheels Road Trip

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This is awesome.

That IS awesome.

The trim brakes at the beginning of the ride simply ruin it. Uggghhhh. And then to make things even worse the pacing during the underwater portion is way too slow. That section reminds me of STR from the standpoint of the slowness as well as they both submerged the riders.

Regardless, can anyone offer any hotel advice for something nearby this?

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That is indeed awesome. Loved the bit in the pool.

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Needs an RMC makeover :)

Also, new trains with different restraints :)

This Isn't A Hospital--It's An Insane Asylum!

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Ugh... reminds me of Revolution at SFMM. Because of that one stupid loop, an otherwise great ride has to be ruined with OTSRs.

Seriously though, strangely fascinating. Love it.

My kids had a car that took video like that but it was crappy, dimly lit video and they weren't quite that good at editing.

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