Horridly hot days and HW nights TR

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Starting from the beginning, I first picked up my brother (Robert) and his gear and then headed over to pick up Coaster Kris and we were mobile about 10am.

The trip to HW was pretty uneventful except for being stopped by a really cool officer for doing 76 in a 65. After he checked everyone's ID's to see if any of us were wanted men, We were free to leave ticket-less and told to slow it down a bit :)

Compared to last years memorial day trip 75 dollar ticket, I was more than elated :)

After stopping in KY for a couple five for 5.95s for the three of us we were back on the road and arrived about 1pm. We were setup by 2pm and I drove over to find Patripman and his son. After finding them I chatted for about a half hour before needing to get to the HoliFoods to grab some snack and meal fixins for Sunday. Pat and his GF Liz showed up somewhere in there and were setting up by the time I got back.

3pm my brothers cell rings and it's the divas trying to find our site. They did and we spent about a half hour of quality time before the ants in the pants struck to get to the park for a 4pm let in.

Well we get registered in short order, surprised there are no lines. Oh wait, we're already registered, we just need our packets :) and in the park we go. The Divas had gone in a bit earlier so it was just Rob, Kris, Me, Pat and Liz and we hit Raven, Legend and Voyage.

Raven- was being itself holding her own against the big boys and delivering as it almost always has.

Legend, Running pretty good till the helix then the old stall was evident big time. Got much better by closing time and I got word of major work to be done to it's helix next winter so it flows better and quits eating the metal upstop track.

Voyage, Having read all the reports, watched all the videos and seen all the pics, I was still not prepared for what I experienced. Honestly, I was loving the living hell out of it until a turn or two after the triple down and I knew I was in trouble. I was whipped, out of breath and spent and quite honestly ready for it to end there about the 3rd 90* I made it to the end and needed quite a good while before I regained my composure.

Well, being only 5 O'clock and no line I hit it again with my brother in 1-2. Again, Im actually loving it even more but again I can't take anymore by the third 90*

IM LOVING THE COASTER but disappointed in myself for not being able to handle it. I found quite a few people needing breaks afterwards.

Meeting in the picnic grove and I am disturbed to hear about a couple breaking rules and being escorted out (Before the event begins BTW) I was pleased Mrs. Koch led us in a prayer. I think nobody should be ashamed of their faith, even if you don't have one.

Well I figure everyone's gonna go for Voyage so I trot up the hill to get some pizza and fudge but meetup with Larry Bill, Korey and his wife and daughter and the Acers. After chatting a bit, I get my Pizza, Fudge and AC in Kringles. As Im leaving the rest of our crew shows up and I figured, what the hey and drank a couple gatorades and joined them while they ate.

Finally about 8:15 PM Im off for my first ERT rides (ERT started at 6:30) Raven in the backseat, Legend-backseat to which I was glad Katie loved Legend as I always have. It's still top five for me running in insane mode which it came close too but never reached friday night.

Voyage again, 1 ride in complete darkness, WTH just happened? OMG! this is just to flippin insane. The first three hills were Timberesk to say the least, A lateral float between tunnels and then a fifth drop into the turnaround tunnel that kept lifting you higher and higher that you dropped your hands never knowing where the roof was. The turnaround- Incredible! The turning double down, reverse bank turn, Two nineties, Right left jog with airtime hop into the turnaround tunnel again and pop of air to the midcourse! WOO HOO! Triple-down that stood me on the last one and a couple more floating turns and again. IM WHIPPED! CRAP! WILL I EVER BE ABLE TO ENJOY THIS ENDING?

We were just gonna grab a quick drink and get back in line as the line was about 40 minutes long and there was about 40 minutes left in ERT but by the time we got back from the oasis the line was closed, Oh well, We head back up the hill to Legend and get about 5 rides in the last half hour. I always though Legend always ran best after 10pm and sure enough it was showing signs of insanity. Not quite but the four corners were starting to show their reputation :)

By the end of Saturday Im liking Legend better than Voyage, Not because it's a better ride, Just it seems to end at the perfect place for me.

Saturday, Honestly I never planned on making the morning ERT, Robscoast was the only one of our group of five at the campsite who made it.

Pat and Liz slept in and me and Coaster Kris hit the park to ride some rides and take pictures and video. Honestly Im glad they had lockers on Voyage because a 800 dollar camcorder and 300 dollar digital camera I don't trust leaving on some shelf.

After a couple Raven and Legend Rides and some photography of scrambler, Antique car rides and some coaster shots from the smoking section on the shortcut, I went down and joined Kris for a couple more Legend rides. Definitely running pretty good this mornin :)

Down to Voyage, I was told that we must get a backseat ride on Voyage and when we got in the station, Kris and I were surprised the wait for the backseat was the same as any other. WOO HOO!

After yesterdays difficulties just making it to the end, IM trying something different! Im riding hands down and taking breaths at the top of each hill.

Well the first drop in the backseat was hands down the best ever first drop on a woodie. Hades gets you up for a split second, This floated you all the way down. Timbers I guess would be closeset in airtime and time aloft. the second and third hills were good in the back as well. The rest of the ride I found about no different than any other seat on the train and thats just plain DARN GOOD! Remebering to breath and keeping my hands resting on the bar after the third drop and I made it to the end without being super whipped. However IM STILL NOT ENJOYING THE ENDING as I should!

What came for the remainder of the daytime I'll not get into but it involved a miss cue that cause me to miss the Coaster Crew podcast and EPT of voyage and a lot of walking in super high humidity that had me whipped and in a bad mood. between 4:30-5:30 I had things semi straightened out and just spent that time in the air conditioned car.

I returned to the park about 6 just takin it easy and pre dinner I hit the Eagles Flight on which I actually got some snaps and hit the tree. (Nothing as intense as my 2001 rides I got on em but still, It perked me up a bit)

Dinner, I ate to much, Drank pop to which I had been avoiding all weekend with gatorade and water and was feeling pretty not so good by the time ERT started.

Everyone else went to either Raven/Legend or the EPT on Gobbler Getaway but I went to Voyage to find it opening about 20 minutes late getting the third train on and timed.

Gobbler Getaway I rode several times on Saturday and found it to be one of the cutest and best done Sally rides I've ridden, However, If Sally can't get their equiptment working equally and reliably the need to seriously consider finding some alternative. My rides ranged from 60 turkeys called to 2100 all do to good or bad turkey calls.
It's still a ride that families will eat up. Just wish it like almost every other Sally ride beside Scooby at SFSTL DON'T WORK!

Back to Voyage, Don't know if it's me or not but it seemed much lighter on this night ride. The Thanksgiving section was lit up so bright the lifthill was illuminated. I think some waterpark lights were still on too but it was still friggin nuts and my new riding style has me enjoying it till almost the end.

Back together we all hit Raven and Legend and Im a little slow on the downhill due to ankle problems. While going to voyage and still being in a bit of a bad mood from the heat and events of the day, A joke was made on my behalf that I didn't take well and my response wasn't taken well either and a darn near fight insued to which I said it's not worth going to jail or starting trouble over. We split up and took or second to last rides on Voyage separate in which we had time to cool off and change our attitudes.

My brother who was the person mad at me and me him came out of the line and we were both in a apology mood and I just hugged him and drug him back in Voyage's Line.

Last Voyage Ride 1-2 which I had a inkling from the beginning was going to to be the seat to ride.

Me and my brother are perfect riding partners, I moosh him, He mooshes me and we go with it. Which is probably why we loved Legend so much the last five years. Here we were in the perfect setting, In complete darkness, All is forgiven and up the lift we go!

WOW! Float all the way over the second hill, Pop/float over the third, We're standing on the fifth drop! Being tossed like dolls in the turnaround and a very very short breath on the midcourse!

What came next could be called Coaster Heaven, Orgasmic or just the ultimate 30 seconds I've ever spent on a coaster!

Standing by the third drop of the triple down, Mooshing the crap out of each other and then reaching the station tunnel that launched me almost into his lap and the final turn that launched him into mine AND..............................................


I witnessed several people having coaster gasms over the weekend, I've had em before at SRM and other HW visits and at some other parks but I was having one now that would last the rest of the night.

I just experienced the ULTIMATE COASTER RIDE! No wood before, No steel anywhere and even a great set of flying scooters have EVER EVEN COME CLOSE to the euphoria I was in.

Perhaps it was the first coaster I never had to find a certain seat to get it or avoid its brutallity, Every seat on the ride delivers, Every element works to perfection and once you can endure the whole thing is totally enjoyable from start to finish! Even going up the lifthill's a treat.


Thanks to the Koch's and staff at HW for again blowing us away with a great event. The double checks and lack of hand slapping took away a little from the atmosphere but are totally understandable IMHO and its a shame to say, NECESSARY!

Charles Nungester 6/2/06

Great trip report! The Voyage certainly does kick a$$, and HW is a true gem!


Thanks Tambo for reading, We had fun and it ended on a very possitive note despite having some issues that were non park related.


I've read quite a few reviews of Voyage here and on other boards and must ask:

Do you think Voyage is too intense for its own good?

Just wondering since you stated that you felt whipped and it seemed you have to ride a certain way in order to enjoy the ending.

If things go well I hope to be at Holiday World for the first time in a week or so.

X Factor

regarding gobbler getaway, the shots only register once ever 3 seconds or so (as soon as the sound effect ends)... something i noticed.

Why did I notice this?

I had the turkey call backwards my entire first trip. You woulda thought I would have noticed i was holding the "gun" the wrong way (because using your thumb to press in makes a lot of sense?) and a flashing red light going directly in my eyes... or that I would try something different after about 3 minutes of having no points and claiming it was "defective"... -- pat got a good laugh from that one....

... yeah...

// gonna hear about that from my friends for the next 10 years >.<

X Factor said:
I've read quite a few reviews of Voyage here and on other boards and must ask:

Do you think Voyage is too intense for its own good?

Just wondering since you stated that you felt whipped and it seemed you have to ride a certain way in order to enjoy the ending.

If things go well I hope to be at Holiday World for the first time in a week or so.

X Factor

No, I don't think it's too intense. I think IM that out of shape! There were people riding it a lot and others who needed a break.

Honestly, What other coaster is intense from start to finish and is three minutes long? Top Thrill Dragster and Kingda Ka are 18 second rides. B&R chiller and FOF's are a minute long.

Nothing comes close to this, NOTHING!


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Do you think Voyage is too intense for its own good?

Not judging by the looks on the faces of the kids, parents, and grandparents getting off the ride.

You know after the first SRM people were worried that Raven was "too intense to be a family coaster." The same was said about Legend, too, after it opened.

Voyage is intense but NOT brutal. This is a non-issue!

Voyage is brutal... but in the more better way than, say, Son of Beast.
Brutal? I found nothing brutal about Voyage.

Say your out of shape and someone ask you to run top speed for three minutes straight, You'd be out of breath and ready to stop. Thats demanding but not brutal.


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Nce report. I totally agree with you. Doing back-to-back rides was wearing me out. I can stay on Legend and Raven through continuous circuits, but I needed a break after each ride on Voyage. It did get easier after a few rides when I could anticipate the turns and brace for them.
I found it easier not to brace for anything and just go with it. I did have a problem keeping my hands up on the turnaround and return run but just resting them on the bar detracted nothing from the ride for me.

I found it quite refreshing that I didn't have to hold my hands up or do anything to GET IT!


I do not envy any park that wants to take on HW's VOYAGE for the Number One Slot. I got a feeling this is going to be the "Space Mountain" of Wooden Coasters! (In other words it's going to be NUMBER ONE for a LONG TIME!) :)
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Mamoosh said:Do you think Voyage is too intense for its own good?Not judging by the looks on the faces of the kids, parents, and grandparents getting off the ride.

I still say there's something top the fact that these are *midwestern* GP. Same ride in the Northeast might be considered "too much for local tastes".

I think I could probably do between 3-5 "consecutive" rides on Voyage, after that even I would need a break. And I'm INSANE....what does that make Will Koch? :)

Does anyone here know if there is someone who was fortunate to ride BOTH the Voyage and the Crystal Beach Cyclone! My Mother rode that infamous Traver Monstrosity when she was a Teenager but she no longer rides any coasters.(Her last ride was on the Cedar creek mine Ride back in 1972). Anyhow if there is a Comparison I'd like to see it! :)
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SFDL Dude, you weren't the only one who held your gun backwards. If I remember correctly there was a certain Gator that did the same. ;-) I still kicked everyone's arse, though. And to think I have never shot a REAL gun in my life.

Awesome, AWESOME TR, Chuck. It was great hanging out with the Cinci folks again, and I am glad you and Rob made up. I just wish we would of hung out more. There were SO many people there. I have never seen so many of my friends in one place at the same time. :-) Crazy.

I cannot really describe Voyage in words. All the guys told me it would be too intense for me, but I LOVED it. The nightime rides were just........WOW! I could not handle more than 2 or 3 rides in a row. I had to take breaks.....thank goodness for the constant water and Gatorade!

I heard about the person or persons that were escorted out of the park. That's really pathetic. I heard it had something to do with alcohol?


*** Edited 6/8/2006 12:09:57 PM UTC by coasterqueenTRN***

After what happened Three Years earlier HW has ZERO TOLERANCE for ANY Rule Breakers! (Can you Blame Them?) The Cleanliness of the Park, The Friendliness of the Staff, and of course, the Three A$$-Kicking Coasters are what combines to make HGoliday World one of THE BEST AMUSEMENT PARKS on this PLANET! :)
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Someone sanpped the HW flyers! Wow! Come on, Kyle.

Nice read, Chuck. So are you glad you waited those extra painful, agonizing weeks for your first Voyage? ;)

Glad to hear some work is planned for Legend's helix. I hope they lower the whole thing to speed it up. It really kills the pacing of the ride. That ride could really benefit from lowering all of the tall, slow moments. Even as is, I enjoyed Legend much more that weekend than I ever have previously. I've never had one of those insane, religious experiences on it, but it's still lots of fun. :)

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

Honestly. Legends problem is in the banking. The trains actually twist in it. I've been told it wears out the upstop steel and several upstop wheels several times a season.

I remember that at one time you could actually hear the upstops go WHAP! when it entered it.

Not sure If I was glad or not about waiting for Voyage a couple extra weeks. I bet if I had gone when it was cooler I'd of enjoyed them first few rides much more than I did at HWN.

Still, The coaster kicked butt and conquered and of course I couldn't have gotten them night rides which were out of this world.

Chuck, who thought Legend was running pretty good around ten on friday and darn good about 11 on saturday. Just not INSANE as I know it can be.

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