Hope for Six Flags New Orleans

I was reading through Wikipedia.org on defunct amusement parks and read this about SFNO.

"In April of 2008 Southern Star Amusement Group proposed to take over the site lease, promising to expand the park to over 60 rides (more than double its pre-Katrina size), complete a water park that Six Flags had been planning, and add a campground. Southern Star Amusement Group pledged to open the park, with 60 rides in place, including a new water park by the summer of 2009 if the city approved the lease takeover, with the campground to follow. Southern Star proposed that the park would be open year round, as opposed to only in the summer as it was under Six Flags. The New Orleans City Council is studying the proposal.[4]."

Link to the full page.



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I think this made the News page a while back, or at least has been discussed on Cbuzz previously. Perhaps one of the mods can link to the existing thread?
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Read around the site a bit...


There is no way this is legit. Half of the site administrators are under 15 years old.

"The park opened in eastern New Orleans near Interstate -10 in May 2000 as Jazzland Theme Park. Six Flags took over the park lease in 2002. The park has been closed since it was heavily damaged during Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

The proposal calls for:

-- Installing a water park for the 2009 season at a cost of $7 million -- phase one of a $20 million, five-phase water park development.

-- Creating a "world-class amusement park" open year round.

-- Providing 60 rides, nearly doubling the 32 rides formerly at Six Flags.

-- Adding five entertainment areas -- with names such as Area 51, Tumble Weed Gulch, Cricket Creek Bog, Fort Thunder and Country Fair

-- Adding an RV park so visitors will stay longer.

-- We are opening negotiations to purchase land around the park; the plan includes a hotel that will be connected via monorail"

Some interesting plans. Sadly, it is being funded by a "group of investors, all of which will remain Anonymous until further notice..."

I live an hour or so away from the park and took a visit out there about two weeks ago, and they have the pre parking lot drive all blocked off, which they didnt when I went there about a year ago, but I have hope that this is for real, but I am also hoping for this sports complex idea, that has been in the local news, since that means I will have a better place to play lacrosse when we play all of the new orleans teams.

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