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Impromptu trip to Hong Kong has presented itself, and I'm finally going to hit up HKDL. Been to Hong Kong several times, and passed on the previously "half-day park" each time. This time I'll have a leisurely two days to soak it in and not be rushed to go go go, now that it is (arguably) a full day park.

There are amazingly few nerd sites dedicated to HKDL, so specific minutiae is tough to find.

Anyone been recently with any specific points of advice? Small treasures to not be missed? Tips on Dining, best place for Parade/Fireworks watching etc? Tips for shows, etc? Is the Stark Industries show (not Iron Man ride), worth the queue?

Not staying at the park, so those suggestions are DOA, and have done HK many times, so not looking for HK advice (unless you have something really cool and not on the usual tourist route). Specifically looking for those HKDL hidden gems that might be overlooked.


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We did a day at HKDL 2 years ago and had a fantastic day. (We also did it about 8 years ago, so I may be getting my trips mixed up. Jet lag really screws with memory). Mystic Manor is fantastic - an absolute must-do, and the garden of illusions (forgot the actual name) across the path from it is really cute. There's also an interesting fountain feature on the border between Adventureland and Fantasy land (Leaky Tiki's, I think) which was a nice place to sit and grab a drink. Obviously, Grizzly Mountain is also great - better than either stateside Thunder Mountain and Everest IMO and there's a bit of fun interactive water stuff in the area around it. We watched the parade from the roundabout at the entrance to main street and the parade got stuck there for a while (mechanical problems with one of the floats), so that was interesting. Stark ride was not open when we were there. For whatever reason I remember thinking Space Mountain was not as good as DL's (which we had ridden 3 months before).

My Mandarin is medicocre and my Cantonese is terrible, but I always wondered how different the spiels are on jungle cruise. They have/had 3 separate lines, one for each language. I would love to try each of the rides and compare.

Edit: Here's my TR from the trip: https://coasterbuzz.com/Forums/Topic/hong-kong-disneyland-619

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Thanks Andy,

I did try and search CB for "hong kong" but came up empty. Thanks for the reply. Curious to hear that you think Grizzly is superior to U.S. BTMRR, as that's my fave attraction, and the one review I had read indicated the contrary. I'm intrigued now.

off to read your review now.

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I have never been a big fan of either Thunder Mountain. I like Everest better than both. There's just not enough going on, track wise, for me.

Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

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