Honeymoon Pt 2-My 2 Greatest Loves (long)

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004 10:58 PM
All ratings are done in Cheeseheads (btw, I am in a hostile state:Packerland, and I am a huge Vikings fan so I do this out of the kindness of my heart)

Having done my homework, I convinced my wife to go to Little-A-Mericka to get 3 more credits on my track record and it wasn't too far out of the way to the Dells. I thought the park was open at 11:00 so I figured "hey a couple quick rides and pictures and back on the road to the Dells we go" Well that wasn't meant to be as the park didn't open until 12 that day (DOH!!!). We had a hour to kill so we found this park down the highway and sat on a picnic bench and talked and ate some leftover Little Caesar pizza (DELICIOUS!!!!!!)

My first impression of the park was "oh my, is this the county fair" I was on the mission after getting my tickets to find the 3 coasters.

First up was Mad Mouse. Great little mouse coaster but don't eat before you go. 7/10 cheeseheads (btw, I hate the Packers, go Vikings).

Second up was the Swiss Tobaggon. When we were latched in, I felt like a trapped animal inside a cage begging for life. The only fun part was going around in circles. 5/10 cheeseheads.

We ended up riding the monorail for the final ride as we had one ticket left and I don't think I could have fit on the kiddie one. So 2/3 of the mission completed.

The Dells was next and we knew it was going to be a couple hours. What is with Wisconsin people driving so fast? Do they need to make a cheese run???

Ok enough of the "cheesy" jokes. Anyway, we get to the Dells and check into our hotel (Atlantis Waterpark) at about 2:30. We were going to be there Wednesday and Thursday so we decided to go to Noah's Ark for the day and then maybe catch a night ride on Avalanche.

Noah's Ark was awesome. No crowds=lots of slides for me to have fun on. There is a wide variety of slides and they were even teasing us with signs about "the Rocket for 2005" My favorite slides would have to be "Point of No Return" and "The Plunge" The Plunge has some wicked airtime and I would highly recommend that. Also my time down the Point was 3.6 seconds. We spent about 2 1/2 hours there as we rode every slide at least 2-3 times due to the light crowds. 10/10 cheeseheads

After Noah's Ark we went back to the hotel and relaxed and then we decided to drive around town to scope out Mt Olympus and grab a bite to eat. Hades looks intense and I got some awesome pics of the workers putting pieces together (more on that in the next report).

I talked the wife into going over to Timber Falls to get a look at Avalanche and she said "why don't we just go ride it" Well you don't have to twist my arm so we got our ticket. We were the only ones on it and we sat in the first row.

Everyone that has ridden this and posted a TR is correct, this thing kicks serious booty. The only problem I have is that I felt it was too short of a ride. We only got to ride 1 time as they were closing down for the night due to no people showing up. My wife took some pictures for me and she now says this is her favorite roller coaster. We give it 1,000,000/10 cheeseheads. Also I wish we would have been able to ride more but time would not permit.

Next TR will be my 3rd and final on the honeymoon. Included will be my 50th roller coaster and "did we really get suckered into wasting 3 1/2 hours for free Mt Olympus tickets"......read carefully on how to avoid this.

Skol Vikings
Let's shoot us some deer Joe Joe!!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004 11:20 PM
Dude, if any attraction at Little A Merrika is worth riding (and I am a coaster nut), it is the train ride. We are talking a train ride that travels about 2 miles into the heart of the Wisconsin farmlands and features plenty of animals to see on the way.

The manager of this park has a fond passion in locomotives (along with wooden coasters and Little Dipper is coming).

Next time you visit this small park, make sure you do the train ride.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.


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