Holy Land Experience to end stage shows, consider redevelopment of land

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Holy Land Experience, Orlando’s Bible-based attraction, will close its stage shows while re-evaluating the use of its property near the intersection of Interstate 4 and Conroy Road.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

If they have another free admission day before this ends I feel like I should go just to say that I did. A group of us at work always say we are going to go on free day, but never actually do

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Six Flags over the Holy Land it is, then.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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I haven't been particularly religious in probably 25 years, but doing a crucifixion as a stage show, as quasi entertainment, still seems wildly inappropriate, especially with accounts like this. It makes me squeamish even in Superstar (depending on how it's done).

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The guy who said "Blessed are the poor, woe to the rich" mixes depressingly seamlessly with capitalism.

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The Vatican would like to talk with you.

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Friends and family always used to drag me to an Easter show at their churches. Kind of cheesy, seemingly inappropriate for what they actually believe, and turned me even further away from their message.

Therefore I never understood the appeal of this "theme park."

How much cheesier would it be to add rides to a park like this? I know it doesn't have much space, but what if they themed rides and attractions to the Bible? Would it be deemed offensive and sacrilegious?

Noah's Ark could be the traditional walk through ride. "One of Only three attractions like it in the world!" would make a good selling point to even non-Christian people.

A shoot-em-up dark ride themed to the Apocalypse. The preshow could have an excited Jesus... "There you are. Okay, we need to stop Lucifer and his demons before they take over the planet. Use your demon blaster to shoot at the targets. Oh, and don't forget your Angel Goggles. It's the only way mortal men can see them."

A water ride themed to Moses parting the waters? A roller coaster themed to angels. There is bound to be a Bible verse for any kind of ride theme you are looking for, actually. Dollywood found a Bible verse to post at the entrance to their Wild Eagle coaster.

Then you don't have to worry about only attracting church groups. Everyone will want to come.

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Wow... to the religious you sound like a LostKause...

in all seriousness, I never understood the concept, didn’t really want to try and explore it, but obviously it must have been a somewhat viable business for it to exist in the first place.

To each their own.

It was a viable scam, not a viable business. They essentially used every lawsuit they could to avoid property taxes and still ran up a buttload of debt, until the hucksters at Trinity Broadcasting bought it. They had to high tail it out of California because their dirty laundry was being exposed in a family dispute. Funny how these “ministries” always seem to employ every family member. Either way, of course the TBN people continued the same path and now we’re we we are today. It’s unviable as normal business, and once the skim is taken off the top, it’s not even viable as a “non-profit” that gets the benefit of not having to pay taxes that other parks do.

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It could have been a viable business-- I can see that catering to devout Christians could be a viable operation.

But as is all too common among religious based organizations, they took advantage of every loophole and weak law they could.

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Jonah and the Whale Launched indoor 3-D dark ride?

Jeff said:

especially with accounts like this.

Well, there goes the slight chance that I was going to go check it out simply based on curiosity.

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I'll only miss it because Bill Maher can't do a sequel to Religiosity there.


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