Holy-Hellcat! 10/10/08

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First trip in a long time to Clementon Park. I felt the Kieran Burkelove in the first 4 seconds off the main road....$8 parking. I headed straight for Hellcat.

After climbing to the station (Are allthese steps needed? Last time I did that many I was in Yankee Stadiumin April.) I took the last seat.Fast lift, felt the brake, and then was tossed around like airplane luggage on the helix's fury. One big neck jolt, and we were back home.

Then had a cheeseburger and fries at the food court. 6 employees, and no one to clean the condiments. However, the food was hot and okay. 6/10. If I was consulting this park, I would have nice big pictures of the chicken and burgers for all to see. The place was kind of drab. But fast service.

Waited for the train ride of doom. After 4 trains came and went, and the linebarely moved, I moved on.Walked on to King Tut's Swings, or the YoYo.While eating my burger earlier, someone exited the YoYo, and passed out. I decided this would be my next ride, with or without the recall from Chance. It was good times,. They ran it hard like Conneaut Lake's.Only on this one the drive chain up top didn't pop off and knock the ride operator out like ours did many moons ago. 7/10.

Really no signage, but found the walk through in the pavillions. Was told to go back through the pavillion q line, only to end up face to face with the same security guy. In we go. Plenty of oversized rooms, inside and outside. Some fog, but they need more strobe. People are confused more.Not really scary, but the house can pump loads of folks through. Next year, make the rooms smaller, add somestrobe. More strobe. It was a zero wait. 6/10. Many new stunts were purchased for this.

Back to one more ride on Hellcat. Took the front seat, and it was a totally different ride. Much more enjoyable.7.5/10. Its a good coaster, but it will get reprofiled in the next few years. I wonder what the picnics are like with the coaster roaring overhead.

Walked on the Samaba Tower. I was not aware the balloons spin. Quite ingenious. 6/10. The kids love it. Walked back to the train. The group in front of me after 1 hour still had not made the train yet. They apparently were only taking about 20 people at a time, and only running 2 coaches. I saw several times the last coach was empty.

Overall, this park needs a huge overhaul. The new owners took charge just a year ago, so now this winter changes will occur. The park was clean, and well staffed. Games was brightly lit,and all food stands were open. My suggestion, open the Thunderbolt and Giant Wheel, and do something halloweenie with kiddieland.

Hellcat is probably a bit too much for the park, but it helped get the park new owners. It will need some more adjustments to appeal to the masses.When you have one coaster, it has to appeal to a broad market.

Pack the 'train of doom' like it is heading to Pakistan during rush hour. It was a nice evening. 7/10. Thanks Clementon!

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