Holy Dodonpa

Since the boards are a bit slow, I figured I'd start a topic about this video I found showing the quickness of Dodonpa's launch. I just keep on playing this video over and over and it amazes me every time...



I liked Dodonpa (a lot), but the launch wasn't really any more intense than Hypersonic's. (Which shouldn't surprise anyone, given they use the same mechanism)

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That is interesting....I know it has been talked about many times before, but I really still can't believe how fast that thing can launch. I would be scared to death waiting for that.


Hated the ride. Completely uncomfortable, and for someone who needs to wear perspcription glasses, and not allowed to do so on a coaster, well that is a major negative spot for any coaster as far as I'm concerned.
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Especially when you are concerned about catching a bug in the eye. ;)

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If it's anything like Hypersonic, I'd skip it. What a piece of crap. My legs hurt for two days after riding that thing.

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When I first rode Hypersonic I thought it was freaking awesome, then I rode Dragster the following year. I have to say that I view Hypersonic as a poor man's Dragster afterwards.

The whole feeling of Hypersonic just feels rickety. But HO-LEE-COW that launch knocks the socks off of Dragster anyday!

I can only imagine what Dodonpa's launch is like.

And holy crap Patrick! Long time no see! How ya been?

~Rob Willi

THe better alternative is to go down to Old Town in Orlando. They have the dragster ride that is basically Dodonpa's launch and that's it. Sure it's expensive (I think around $20), but going from 0-118 in under 2 seconds is amazing. Plus you don't have to deal with the rest of Dodonpa!

I'd rather be riding Fujiyama!

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Like I like to say, Hypersonic's launch is like getting kicked in the chest by a donkey, Dragsters launch is like getting sat on by an elephant.

The best launch I have ever experienced has to be the Drag racers at Oldtown. A nice cross between Hypersonic and Dragster if you ask me.

A very cool ride, although I would not have went on it had I not been offered free rides during IAAPA a few years back.

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I really believe that Hypersonic is on the edge of what the General Public is willing to ride. There are many rides that suffer from bad tracking, wheels, restraints etc., but even with the absence of these variables, Hypersonic is just too intense. The launch was powerful, but the curve upward felt like we hit a brick wall of G-Forces. Even as a long time coaster enthusiast, I say that the design has to be toned-down and widened if this ride is ever to become mainstream.
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Dodonpa is a lot more fun to ride than Hypersonic is now. Pity that; Hypersonic was a lot of fun the first time I rode it, but now it hurts. A lot.

I only rode Hypersonic on media day/opening day and it was quite nice....pity it doesn't seem to have aged well.

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If this ride is anything like Dragster i'll ride it. I love launch coasters. Also hyper and wood and inverted, standup, floorless and wild mouse. Wouldnt it be sweet if their was a floorless wild mouse or floorless wood. I just like coasters!

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Rob! I've been okay....just studying for some finals. Anything new?


I thought the 'airfilled wheels' were the waaaavveee of the future??
Ive never ridden Hypersonic, but I take it it's rough?
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I didn't really think it was rough... In fact air filled tires made it smoother than many B&Ms. As I said earlier, it is the extreme g-forces that make the ride uncomfortable.
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I think the main problem with H:XLC is the trains....but I say that about most "rough" rides... ;)
I would say Hypersonic is rough. The turns are the first hill are bad. Surprisingly the strong negative forces at the top didn't bother me at all. To me it seemed like bad transitions, so it's weird to hear that it may have been smoother when it opened.
I wouldn't call Hypersonic rough. Bad transitions that you FEEL in the turns, and a maybe-TOO-intense-launch for some people, but not "rough" in the "train bounces along" sense.

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