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My wife sent me the link to this iPhone app which apparently has codes for the hidden songs you can play on the ride. It also crowd sources the validity of each song and has ratings as well. Pretty clever.

99c, I will check it out when I am there in June.

The last several times I have been on the ride, the "backdoor" to the hidden songs has been closed or moved... you used to press the logo for 5 seconds and a key pad would come up.

If there was an app to remove that annoying, incessant, queue-line instruction, animated "rock video" I'd buy it!

hip girl: "Hey there... you ready to do this?"

hip guy: "Anytime, anywhere...I'm down!"

girl: "And now for your all-important safety instructions"

guy: "Chill! Don't enter the loading platform until instructed to do so!"

After 30 minutes I wanted to punch myself in the face. Instead I chose to punch the twenty or so gorgeous Brazilian highschool backpack-wearin' cheerleaders who put concerned, frightened, or lost expressions on their faces and pushed right through the line past everybody to the top of the stairs.

Redemptively, I thought it was a great ride- far more thrilling than I imagined. And my song choice? Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive", of course!

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Are they running all the trains and do they have the moving floor working yet? I waited over 90 minutes. That really sucked.

As for song choice, I choose Daft Punk-Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (already one of my favorite tracks by them) and it really went well with the ride.

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How long has the "resort line" been?

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^^ Clint...my last time down, a couple weeks ago, the floor had actually started moving. Now, before anyone gets excited - it was NOT synched with the trains, every train still stopped in the station, no increase in throughput had yet been achieved. However....they were working on it, and hopefully somehow they'll remove "The Mummy's Curse" and get Rock'it functioning as intended.

^8.3, not sure exactly, but I don't think anyone but the first train of the day gets on in under a half-hour (on that aforementioned last visit, we were about 15-20 people deep in line for Rock'it when it opened, and did manage to get on in about 15-20 minutes).

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eightdotthree said:
How long has the "resort line" been?

When I was there, there wasn't one. No Express Pass either. And single rider was only open on occasion, and you usually waited a long time in it too.

I'm glad it wasn't my first visit to UniORD, because it ate a lot of my day. The other really long line? The line to switch my comp ticket into a real ticket.

Rockit is a fun ride, but not worth more than a 40 minute wait. But, then, anymore, nothing is worth more than 40 minutes to me.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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Wait? Moving floor what?

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Since I've been down here for the last two months, Rockit has been running pretty reliably (well, besides valleying today). I grabbed 5 rides in a row in about an hour first thing in the morning just last week, which was fun. I have had trouble getting to the hidden song keypad, though. That seems to be very hit and miss, about 50-50 most of the time. Favorite song so far (after about 10-12 rides total) is Free Bird, hidden track #112.

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maXairMike said:
Favorite song so far (after about 10-12 rides total) is Free Bird, hidden track #112.

Ahh, now if only the ride was as long as Free Bird instead of a typical Dead Milkmen song.

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^^^Andy, the original idea (which they're still fighting with) - was to keep a moving walkway idling next to the coaster trains as they entered the station....then the train would never stop, and riders would load/unload onto and off of the moving walkway-platform. This would increase capacity, by my guesstimates, by about 50% - give or take a bunch. It's never functioned properly AFAIK....but they do continue to try working on it...

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Kinda like Haunted Mansion at Disney...where I bust my bahind getting off the ride almost every single time...heh!! I have not ridden Rockit in about two months.....are they running more than three trains yet?

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^They were pumping the trains out today, but we're not waiting an hour to ride and they only open the SR line intermittently...it immediately becomes overfilled and they close it again. Tried a couple times today, ended up with Mummy and a couple MiB instead. Potter stuff looks amazing, and we're starting to see more of it from the DD queueing area.

I believe I've seen 4 train operation at least once, but it is still usually 3 when I'm there. And Paris, yes, it is a shame the ride isn't longer. I feel that For Whom the Bells Toll might have been a better fit for a ride song had the ride been a little longer. Kickstart My Heart, however, is just barely behind Free Bird for me.

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