Hollywood Blvd and Universal Studios 5-16-10

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I decided to play "tourist" and head to Hollywood Blvd for Madame Tussands Wax Museum and then off to Universal Studios. Figured at 7am on a Sunday the traffic to LA couldn't possibly be that bad. Ha-well it wasnt real bad but there was still traffic. Thanks to my dependable Tom Tom made it to Hollywood Blvd no issues. Like your typical tourist I was busy taking pictures of the walk of fame stars (Big Bird, really?) and the Chinese Theatre hand and footprints things too.
Wasnt even tempted to take one of those Star Tour things but did however have to look on a map to see where Gene Simmons lives. I LOVE Family Jewels and my curiosity got the best of me :)

Headed to Madame Tussands Wax Museum (easy to find look for this huge Shrek and Marilyn Monroe outside) There is a total of 4 floors of "stars" and I must admit I was pretty impressed. Some looked WAY scarey life like then some not so much. Elton John, Jackie Chan and Jim Carey seemed the most real for me.
Despite walking slowly I still managed to do it in less than an hour. Oh well....I walked around Hollywood Blvd and was reminded so much of Times Square. Same cheesy souveniers and I swear same tourists! ;)

Off to Universal. Getting there was literally 1 exit off the expressway. Cake. Parked in ET, real close to stairs. I love City Walk, not sure why but I had already decided lunch was going to be at Bubba Gumps cause I loved it there in August.

Universal seemed packed but the wait time signs said other wise. The longest wait was 20 minutes for the Simpsons Ride. I ended up riding that 3x. I went on the Univeral Tour 2x (for the sit down time and to get more pictures of the Skull Island display) Rode The Mummy 3x-walk ons. Skipped Jarassic Park (didnt want to get wet) and basically just walked around enjoying the park, the beautiful weather and the people. I took tons of pictures too. I got to meet the dog who played Marlie in Marlie and Me, I took a picture with Homer and Marge, and Scooby Do, Shaggy and the Mystery Machine. Cheesy I know. I had lunch (outside of course) at Bubba Gumps. For my meal with a water it was $22.00 with tip. It was delicious (Orleans shrimp) so will let the price tag slide.
I ended up upgrading my ticket to a season pass for $9.00. That is just in case I get to come back to California later this year. I am dieing to see the King Kong 3-d thing..King Kong '05 is my fav all time movie. If I dont get to come back I wasted $9...big whoop.

Left park around 7ish to head to hotel. Problem with booking a hotel on line? You really have NO idea about it I read the reviews and none were bad. Well hotel was right off Dodger Stadium exit. Smack dab right in the middle of china town. This reminded me of Flushing NY where I grew up :)
Didnt bother me, staff was nice, room was very clean, quiet too. I hit the bed and was gone anyway (thank you US and Tylenol PM) My only issue was the continental breakfast was served out of this tiny corner store. EVERY single oriental person sitting outside there eating was smoking. I wanted to DIE! Im an ex-smoker and Im not alll that anal really except when Im surrounded by smokers and I was! I couldve taken my food back to my room but inhaled it to start my journey to Six Flags Magic Mountain! :)

All in all a nice 2 stop trip for me. I think looking back now I could have skipped US since there was nothing new since August.

BTW-the best line of the day bar none "My bosums are slapping my face!"...Homer Simpson

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