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Sorry for the delay in posting the TRs. Adding another equine kid to our family and show season in progress makes spare time limited!

Holliwood Nights-May 23rd & 24th
Arrived at Santa’s Lodge in enough time to register, get settled then time to head to the park. Our roomie Jason met us when we got to the hotel and he too settled in and flew out the door back to the park. (Thanks again for all the GL goodies Jason!) I must say Santa’s Lodge was way nicer then the hotel we stayed at last year and way closer to the park which was way awesome. More about that later…

Headed to HW Friday night and managed to sneak in a couple rides on Ravine and Legend before it was time to wait for GP to leave for ERT and food time. As usual the food (pizza, veggies, fudge) was great. ERT was in usual HW fashion. I rode Raven a few times (true ERT-no one at your row feel free to ride again or change seats if someone is on your row) and Legend a few times. I opted to pass on Voyage (since that is where everyone was at!) to save till the next evening. Legend running better than it was last year except no howling and “don’t look back” when it usually did it, instead it would just randomly say it (or not) as the night went on.

We didn’t make it till close, I was wiped out from the long drive (thanks to recent brain tumor surgery hubby not allowed to drive till July so yours truly had to do all the driving-blech!)Due to same surgery he can‘t ride coasters till September! Sucks to be him!

The next morning we opted out of the breakfast and the Splashing Safari ERT. Hubby complaining he was hungry (he’s always hungry) so I told him to go downstairs and get some coffee and donuts or something. He came back upstairs a few minutes later to tell me they didn’t have any continental breakfast, instead a $10.00/person breakfast bar. WTH? Even the cheapest of cheap hotels we stay at in Sandusky serve continental breakfasts! I had assumed at $200.00 for 2 nights why would Santa’s Lodge be any different? Hubby did the breakfast bar only cause I know he could easily do 50 or $60.00 worth of damage by himself.

We headed to HW shortly before 2. We walked around the park and I busily took pictures. When 4pm rolled around it was time for the Voyage walk back. One of my fav things about Holliwood Nights. Took tons of pictures and then we could do what we wanted till dinner and PM ERT. I told my hubby I was going to start charging for people to take pics of my CP tattoo. The funniest thing was one guy asked but said "I actually want a pic of your NY Mets tattoo cause Im a fan too" :)

Made the dire mistake of going into the Gobbler Getaway. First off did anyone besides me notice that Aunt Abby has totally worn off all the cats fur where she rubs? Did anyone notice that she is almost knocking the cats head off? Creepy! Now why a dire mistake. My hubby HAS to win when we go. I was not only winning but I was blowing him away-like 1k to 200. So he would make me go again, I’d win again. Well by the 7th (or 8th?) trip I decided to just let him win. I sat in the back and was just pushing the trigger making the sounds like I was playing. Funny thing was I actually got 30 even without aiming at anything! Anyway so there’s my hubby shooting like a maniac while I sat behind him and watched. He got over 1k and I told him I got 150. So he was a happy man, and then didn’t want to ride again.


Dinner was awesome, I really like the fact that HW includes veggies and dip to their dinners and lunches. I ate A LOT of those. Let’s not even talk about the 20 gallons or so of Pepsi I know I drank too during the event. I don’t drink Pepsi all year till I go to HW and then make up for the whole year in one day.

I would love to know how HW manages to keep all their employees so happy. You never see any of them get upset or nasty, you never see them unhappy they are all so friendly and caring. Even after working LONG hours. I know for a fact one of the operators on ERT on Voyage was on the Lewis and Clark Trail cars for most of the day yet she was still smiling and having a great time! I can tell you after pulling a 16 hour shift at CP good luck me even telling you to enjoy your ride.

Off to ERT. Now it was time to ride Voyage. After a short delay (and get this-it was the maintenance guy who walked up and down the lines to tell everyone they were going to transfer trains!) I teamed up with a CP bud Tim and we rode Voyage like 3 or 4x before we just couldn’t do it anymore. Im telling you for anyone who thinks that they have been on the best woodie you have got to ride Voyage. It never ceases to amaze me how fast this thing goes, the turns, the speed, everything about it is amazing. Just when you think you’re about done you’re not even half way done with the ride yet. The return trip back as great (or better) as the trip out to the woods. I have to laugh when I hear people brag about how great the Beast’s helix’s are. HA-you don’t know helix’s till you ride Voyage. Come to think about it Legend’s helix’s are awesome too! :)

Tim and I rode Legend a couple of times before heading to Raven which we rode I think 3 or so times. People were so quiet riding too. The ride op said seems like all the tired people went to Raven. I still think this is my fav woodie ever.

Didn’t make it till the end of ERT, I feel bad for my hubby just hanging around (and trying to take pictures) watching me ride. He tells me to keep riding but I just feel bad. I wanted to get back to the hotel early anyway since we wanted to leave early the next day to head to KI and home.

AWESOME event! Our thanks to Paula, Will, Mrs Koch and all the employees for treating us all so wonderfully. We just love HW and will most likely go back in September for the Coasterbuzz event. Hubby can ride then! :)

Sunday May 25th- Kings Island
We I left Santa Claus bright and early and headed to KI. We HAD to get gas and HAD to pay $4.05/gallon OMG! SO glad we didn't take my Tacoma. Zipped right thru to I-71N arrived at KI and my pass actually worked for parking, yea! But alias then we had to follow the long line of cars around a bunch of cones to park. Think they may have been cause all of Robbie Knievels stuff was still all over the lot. I assumed since there was no blood and all the Coke Zero trucks looked intact he made it.
We arrived at shortly after 11am and parked in row 37.

Hubby and I had no plans on riding anything (well just me really) our intent was only to take recent pics of the new B&M "garden" as the employees are calling it---and pick up a couple KI gifts for a CP friend of ours. The park looked real clean and people seemed to be having a great time. All the rides seemed to be running just fine. I was estatic when my hubby didnt suggest we go into Scooby Doos Haunted Castle and do some shooting. Please I had enough of that stuff the day before! ;)
The few employees we talked to seemed content and happy (but not even close to the ones at HW!) There was no more real changes to be seen, except it really seems nice to see long lines waiting on X-Hawkflight. It appears that CF did good buying KI-looks like park was still packing in the crowds, also great that I dont feel like a traitor going to my home park
anymore! :)
I like alot of the KI merchandise and shirts and wish CP would incorporate some of the same designs on their shirts.
We only stayed 3 hours or so and then headed home.

Monday May 26th-Cedar Point
Nothing like getting up at the crack of 4:30am-blech! Unlike the drive to Indy, I was so excited about going to CP I had NO prob staying awake the whole 2.75 hour drive to the Point. Sporting my "Eat, Sleep, Ride Raptor" shirt (which my kids got me for Mothers Day!) once gates opened right for Raptor I went-- gasp-I know!
My 1st ride was the best one, I had forgotten how much I missed my fav bird of prey. Naturally, I just kept re-riding
until the park opened to the GP. I managed 7 Raptor flights. The Raptor crew was really kicking butt. I thought it was interesting that the spiel is now done by unload 3 instead of unload 1. I didn't notice anything else different.

Hubby was still trying to learn how to use our digital camera and in attempts to get pics of me riding Raptor, he got tons of pictures of just the rails, the ground, his feet, people walking we dont even know, ANYTHING but me-it was classic! Hubby and I spent the rest of our CP visit walking around just taking in the park. Planet Snoopy is a nice little addition.
I scooped out the stores to see what items I just had to have but much to the delight of my hubby I didnt buy tons of things, just 1 shirt. I had ordered a Raptor train model online and that was the only thing I had wanted. I didn't see any in any of the stores we were in but I also wasn't looking too hard for them.
The park was its usual clean self, and like Memorial Days past, the park was empty. It would have been a perfect day to just ride like a maniac but I didnt. Hubby kept telling me to go ride but I instead looked for things he could do. We did the Paddlewheel Excursion (we were the only ones on the boat!) and rode the train a couple of times. We rode the ferris wheel and after hanging out in the park for 4 hours we decided to call it a day. Despite the weather calling for 60% chance of storms the weather was outstanding. No rain, little clouds.

I so cant wait for CoasterMania-I've already forewarned my hubby that I do plan on riding then!! :)
Maybe by then he'll learn how to use the camera--HA!! ;)

Our weekend coaster extravaganza was so much fun!! Holiday World was awesome, KI was great and CP was especially awesome too :)

Lifetime Raptor flights: 1335 :)

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I KNEW that was you! I should of said something. I was admiring that CP tat all weekend! I made several comments about it to friends. BEAUTIFUL tat! WOW!

I could of showed you my new dream catcher tat. ;) Look me up at Coastermania if I don't spot you first! :)

$10 for a breakfast? Damn. The Baymont didn't have much but at least they had fresh bagels for free. :)

I am also one of the few that enjoyed the veggies and ranch dip being served in addition to the pizza Friday evening. YUM! I can't do the fudge, though. yuck!

See ya Friday hopefully!


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coasterqueenTRN said:
I KNEW that was you! I should of said something. I was admiring that CP tat all weekend! I made several comments about it to friends. BEAUTIFUL tat! WOW!

I could of showed you my new dream catcher tat. Look me up at Coastermania if I don't spot you first!

$10 for a breakfast? Damn. The Baymont didn't have much but at least they had fresh bagels for free.

I am also one of the few that enjoyed the veggies and ranch dip being served in addition to the pizza Friday evening. YUM! I can't do the fudge, though. yuck!

See ya Friday hopefully!


Thanks so much! :) Yea it is my fav tat -going to get more work done to it as soon as I have the $$. Or I have another design in mind but want it on the inside of my calf..prob with that is it will hurt when I ride my horses and it may not heal right, so may have to come up with another spot.
I would love to see your tat-I will definitely look you up on Friday!

Yea I thought 10.00 was kinda steep for breakfast too, but like I said, hubby can eat far more than 10.00 worth so it was ok I guess.

I am all about the veggies and dip! :)

see ya Friday! :)

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I have two small tats (a black cat and the dream catcher) and am wanting one more, probably on my left arm. I am wanting something Sagitarrian and have found a few cool designs online but they will probably cost a fortune!

Once you want one tat, you want more! :)

I noticed your CP tat in line for Voyage and thought it was the coolest thing ever. It's VERY detailed. Now THAT is dedication! :)


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You obviously didn't see my Raptor tat on my other calf, and I know you didnt see my Raptor tat on my left shoulder and my CP and MF tat on my right shoulder.

Obsessive? nah! ;)


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^ LOL! Sweet. :)
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I opted to pass on Voyage (since that is where everyone was at!) to save till the next evening.

The wait for Voyage during Friday ERT was virtually non-existent. I got there about 30 mins into ERT after one lap on Raven & Legend. Comments such as "where is everyone?" were heard quite common, lol. The line rarely got long enough to find onesself waiting on the last set of stairs. Unless you were waiting for the very front or back it wasn't more than a 5 minute wait for any other row and getting a reride when your queue row was empty happened a lot. I got 21 rides in the final 2 hours of ERT Friday night including 6 rerides in row 6:2 about an hour into ERT.

Saturday night lines were just about as good albeit a bit longer, especially for rows 1:1 and 7:2. Still, I managed 10-12 rides an hour during the last three hours or ERT and, although I lost count, I know I ended up with well over 30 rides Saturday night.

Full trip report to come soon....


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^I was amazed by the smaller crowds this year and at Rumblerfest.

The buffet Saturday night at Holiday World REALLY blew my mind. There was no line! Well, not like I expected. In the past I have seen the line out the picnic pavillion and past the bathrooms.

It was a great event as usual! The park always outdoes themselves with their hospitality! Our wedding was no exception. We were blown away by how things went that morning!

It was good to see you there, Jo. Too bad you couldn't make it for the wedding.

Voyage was insane as ever!! Saturday night, we left Voyage after several rides to go back over to Raven. Leslie loved Voyage but did not enjoy riding it over and over like some of us. :) It was a little too much for her. She had some bruises. I can't remember how many laps we got in on Raven.

Again, hats off to the ENTIRE Holiday World staff for such a wonderful experience!!

So perhaps there is an upside to rising gas prices? Only the hardcores will pay the extra $ resulting in lower attendance at events and more/better ERT.

PPP may end up being a good gauge if this is looking like a trend (arguably an event in need of less people), possibly Coastermania this year as well. I've heard this year's Con has pre-regs in the low 200s. Smaller is better, a temporary throwback to the good ol' days. I just hope it levels out.

Awesome TR btw, the best ones have the reader right there laughing along and you did a great job. Hope your husband makes a full recovery and is riding again as planned. But I dunno about The Voyage after any kind of surgery unless it's on your pinky. I've had that thing absolutely throw me to the mat, breathless, beaten and unable to move, all in a good way of course. ;)

There are gravitational forces that rides must operate under but is there any sort of measurement/limit for "rattle forces" (for lack of a better term)?

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